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Honeymoon Places in Andhra Pradesh

State of Andhra Pradesh is studded with diverse array of natural splendors, from hills to low lands, from beaches to waterfalls, from forests to caves. Every shade and every form of this beauty makes the land majestic and enchanting.

The splendid and rich land embraced many emperors and reigns; rendering one after another fascinating chapters of glories, gallantries, power-diplomacy and romance. Grandeurs, shrines, old markets and the secular inheritance sing the saga of vibrancy of its culture and traditions. From the spell binding natural beauties to the quaint heritage cites to soulful temples and luxurious accommodations; the state of Andhra Pradesh has it all to lure and entertain the lover birds and newlyweds.

5 reasons to head to Andhra Pradesh for honeymoon:

Best Time to go to Andhra Pradesh for Honeymoon

Summer months experiences very high temperatures, ranging between 36-45 degrees. In the monsoon months, the rain showers may be heavy to scarce, but they are simply not suitable for tourists. With fresh vegetation, dry air and moderate temperature; the winter months, from October to mid March, are best to plan a honeymoon trip in Andhra Pradesh.

Major Honeymoon Attractions of Andhra Pradesh

Thinking about where to go for your honeymoon and wish to avoid the maddening tourist crowd and spoilt natural inhabitants; give a thought to the idea of celebrating your vacation in the state of Andhra Pradesh. If you have a doubt about the honeymooning charm and deals in Andhra, know the various riches the state has.

Known for its history, monuments, temples and forts; Andhra Pradesh inculcates incredible treasures of nature, culture, religion, glory and traditions. Andhra Pradesh presents an epitomic display of Dravidian and Central Asian cultural fusion, which is shown clearly in the shrines, monuments and architectures.

Heritage Sites in Andhra Pradesh

Couples who love the idea of celebrating the start of their new journey in the ancient gullies of bygone eras; Andhra Pradesh is one of the best places for honeymooning. The most popular and enticing forts, palaces, monuments and other historic sites of the state are:

Every city has a long list of attractions to offers and the main cities apart from Hyderabad and Warangal to visit are:

, while the most popular forts and museums are:

Religious Shrines of Andhra Pradesh

Talk of Andhra and not to mention its holy shrines is not possible. Home to such highly venerated temples like Balaji and ancient mosques like Jama Masjid, the state fosters a unique secular spirituality. Most famous shrines are:

Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Andhra Pradesh

Fed by the enriching streams of river Krishna and Godavari, lined by the Arabian ocean, Andhra Pradesh has fabulous beaches and backwaters that are great honeymoon headways. Beaches of the state are:

And the backwater destinations include the rivers, lakes, ponds and waterfalls.
Some of which are:

Buddhist Circuit in Andhra Pradesh

There are many ancient Buddhist temples and majestic moments of the cult. Couples considering going to a Buddhist pilgrim for their honeymoon would love to go to Andhra and pay their visits to:

, and so on…


For the nature enthusiasts, Andhra Pradesh has enticing riches of natural caves with statues and sculptures of various deities. These caves are a mesmeric and enticing honeymoon retreat. And here is the list:

Hill Stations and Valleys

There are many scintillating hill ranges in Andhra Pradesh. Carpeted and canopied with lush foliage and fed with gushing water streams, these quaint hill stations are an ideal romantic hideaway.

Wildlife Destinations

For the adventure loving honeymooners, a thrilling honeymoon in the wilderness of forests and comforting company of your life-partner; is the most romantic idea. Such adventure enthusiasts and lovers of nature and wildlife would love to explore the following wildlife destinations:

, and may more.

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations of Andhra Pradesh

Out of the various destinations and attractions, the most sought after honeymoon destinations of the state are:

Honeymoon in Andhra Pradesh
Last updated : January 30, 2016