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Creative ideas to celebrate Valentine surprise on honeymoon

Valentine's Day originally was a tribute to a catholic bishop, St. Valentine. However today is widely celebrated as a lover's day. On 14th February, couples from all over the world profess their love for each other and exchange gifts. And if you have planned your honeymoon during the Valentine’s Day, then it couldn't have been a more perfect occasion to celebrate and spend love-filled moments with each other.

Of course, one of you must have proposed the other for marriage. Even then consider this an opportune moment when you can profess your love for each other and make your honeymoon a more special event than what it already is. And while you express your feelings towards your beloved, make an extra effort to ensure that it's the right ambiance, romantic and peaceful.

Pamper your spouse with an enticing massage. Let your fingers do the talking and let your spouse know how much you care.

Arrange for a romantic candle-night dinner and ensure that the choice of location is as romantic as the moment. If you are in Kashmir or Kerala, you could spend a romantic evening aboard a Shikara or a houseboat. It will surely be an enthralling experience. You can also take a stroll along a beach or go for trekking with your partner. A romantic walk in the moonlight will surely evolve into 'a walk to remember', forever.

Scatter small surprises (read gifts) all across the room, so that she is pleasantly amazed and impressed by your thoughtful gesture. Her expression will be worth the effort!

Men like to be surprised as much as women. So, dear ladies, make sure that you plan something that he least expects and you could just bowl him over. Do things 'with' him, even if it means trying out an adventure sport that doesn't excite you.

This Valentine's Day, reach out to the one you love. Spend time together, pamper each other and build memories worth embedding your heart forever. Don't ignore what the heart says or you might regret it later. And celebrating this day with your beloved while on your honeymoon, may not be always possible.
Last updated : February 3, 2016