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Honeymoon Gift for Her

No, don’t get fooled by the heading, at least, not yet! Money can’t buy a lot of things, no matter how much effort you put in to earn the dollars. From here on we’ll get to know about a lot of those ‘things’ that can’t be buyable but would still feel like a million-dollar worth of acquisition.

So, at the beginning of this article, when you were asked not to get fooled by the heading we also meant that you need to understand the reason behind the usage of the word ‘buying’. Truly, money can’t buy you leverage for spending precious moments with your wife. You need to steal it. Money can’t buy a dazzling smile on her face. So, you need to charm her with your wits. And of course money can’t buy those glittering diamonds staring right up at you, which instantly transforms into pearls when trickling down her cheeks and yet, the love shows and so does the happiness. You need to live up to her expectations with undying love and impeccable honesty.

But does all this leave you confused about what to gift the lady on your honeymoon? Considering the fact that your wife has given you her heart and a promise of a lifetime of togetherness, you owe her a grand honeymoon. Let’s help you with the ‘how’ and the ‘what’. The following are some of your options:

Stealing the precious moments

Work is an integral part of a man’s life. And the only thing that can keep you preoccupied is if you have a honeymoon planned at a dream destination. Ensure that you choose the location wisely, because it will definitely be a paradise memorable forever. Steal those precious moments of togetherness and it will be a well-deserved reprieve from the mundane responsibilities of the concrete world. Your bonus will be the romance and lots of sweet memories with your wife.

Enjoying the anticipation enroute

Don’t let her know about the destination and your arrangements unless absolutely necessary. Add more élan to your journey by booking a suite aboard any of the magnificent luxury trains or spend a couple of days on a houseboat. Keeping a secret from your girl, once in a while, could result in something good. Your reward will be the look of surprise and thrill on her face. It’s probably worth all the troubles for making the arrangements. Just don’t make it a habit… keeping secrets from her!

Making her feel special

Once the destination and the travel arrangements are in place, set to work on creating a romantic mood. Since it’s your honeymoon, you have all the time to share your fantasies with her, away from the curious world. Take her out to a romantic candle-light dinner, pamper her with flowers and expensive trinkets, and offer her your undivided attention. Gift her some enticing lingerie, make use of the spa services, if available and spend your time relaxing and exploring each other. Your incentive would be the surmounting respect and a subtle appreciation in her eyes. Remember to be chivalrous and what more could she want.

Doing things together

Now that you have tied the knot, it’s time to share your responsibilities with your wife. It’s also time to share the steering wheel of your life with her. You are no longer two individuals with your own set of rules. Instead you let go of the old ones, and forge strong understanding and mutual respect in the new ones. To begin with, observe each other and make a note of what your better half likes and dislikes. Find a common ground where your activities do not cause a conflict of interest. Divide your responsibilities in such a way that it doesn’t seem like burden to one and indignation to the other. Your motivation will be her constant presence and ever-lasting support!

Remembering the old days

Mostly the old days are the stepping stones to a promising future. You have survived together before the marriage and that alone should be your reason for an optimistic future. Gift her something personal, that will help her remember the bond you shared in the past and renew her faith in you. Let her know the intensity of your feelings towards her and how it has grown over the past few years. A photo or a trinket, maybe a souvenir from a previous trip, if preserved, do miracles I strengthening your relationship and renewing the bond. Let her be your soul mate from whom you draw the inspiration to move ahead in life, especially during troubled times.
Last updated : February 3, 2016