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How to Create Lifelong Friendship With Your Better-Half

Married your best friend or fiancé or a stranger; whether your spouse has been a good friend before or not; it is a very special feeling to be your better half's special friend. But things do change after marriage even between the best of friends; then how to create an inviolable bond, a lifelong friendship with your spouse.

You are to spend a long term of your life with your life partner, your better half. You day starts with each other and so does it end as well. All your thoughts, ideas, problems and planning are discussed with the same person. It's your spouse only who stands by your side I each situation, good or bad, help you come over bad times, help you find a solution for any problem, and is the other parent of your child and so on… Your life partner make your complete is all aspects, which is why they are called our better-halves.

Now think of a time when you were out of home or any project or in hostel or in camps; lining with your friends. Refresh those memories and think if your better-half turns to be your best friend, your life will be so much full of fun, comfort and delightment. Having a lifelong friendship in your marriage will not only make your relation stronger, but will incorporate more of both loyalty and understanding between you two. Having the comfort of companionship of a friend under a roof will help you never miss your loved ones and your previous life; or if you do miss them, you will definitely not miss them as much, you otherwise would have. But how to turn your better half into a friend for the rest of your life! How to create a lifelong friendship with your better-half? Is it really that though? Have you never made friends before, then how it is so different and difficult in this particular case?

To help you seed the strong bond of a lifelong friendship with you better half, here are some very useful tips:

Last updated : February 3, 2016