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Organizing Honeymoon Memories

Finally, you are ready to travel to your dream destination with your ideal life partner! Your bags are packed and you are prepared for a delightful honeymoon. But, wait. Did you pack your digital camera too? Often, the memories created on a honeymoon are just as special and sentimental as the memories created on the wedding day. However, few newlyweds spend as much time in organizing the pictures taken during honeymoon as they spend in arranging their wedding snaps. This is partly due to the difficulty faced in organizing the pics. But, what better way than to capture such moments of blissful togetherness?

Follow these simple tips to create your very own memento for storing your honeymooning memories.

Too many to sort, too little time. Well, if you have a large pile of photos stacked (probably, in a shoebox), don’t let that intimidate you. The pictures weren’t accumulated overnight and sorting them out couldn’t happen in a day. Instead, set a timer of 15-30 minutes for yourself and tackle a few at a time.

Only for your eyes. Get the pictures out and spread them out over a table, where you can see them. Remember to store them in a synchronized order, in case you need to take a break. In this way, you’ll save on time and keep a track of the order in each sitting. Make a rough layout before you commit to an arrangement that is permanent.

Create a destination. The memories of your honeymoon are close to your heart. Naturally, you remember every significant detail. Yet, it is important to store the pictures safely, so that even if time fades the memories captured in your mind, the photos don’t get damaged at all. When you create a destination for your honeymoon photos, ensure that either, it’s an album or a scrapbook, frames or merely a decorative box.

Fix a rough pass. Reject any blurry shots or anything that’s too bright or dark. Throw away any picture that features the photographer’s fingers or a camera strap. However, if you can salvage the photo by cropping it, then you need not discard it. You can also consider discarding duplicates. If your visit spanned more than one location, contemplate sorting them into broad categories.

Organize. Take a look at the photos again, carefully. Now decide on how you will organize the pictures. They can either be arranged chronologically, by instance, or by subject, or by event. Then you can sort the pictures as per your choice.

Create labels for the photos. Use an appropriate pen if you are directly going to write on the photos. However, if there is space alongside the pictures, in the album or scrapbook, then you can jot down memories and feelings pertaining to that photo. The honeymoon album seems more personal when journaling and impressions are included in the pages.

In the modern digital era, it is more convenient to store the pictures online, on sites like Picassa, Flickr, SmugMug, Phanfare, Photobucket, among others. If you opt for an online storage for your honeymoon pics, then ensure that you name them properly and maintain a chronological order.

Also there are many online websites where you can upload the pictures and make the order of converting them into a beautiful flipbook. You can arrange pics, give border and even label these.

Time spend while honeymooning would bring happy memories for many years to come. Storing the pictures online or in the form of an album or scrapbook, would allow you time travel and relive the moments in your mind, forever; it surely immortalizes the entire time spent during the honeymoon, in a scrapbook.

So, remember to take lots of photographs. Happy clicking!

Last updated : February 4, 2016