Dream Destinations for Dream Honeymoon.

You’d want to have that once-in a-lifetime experience as far as your honeymoon is concerned since you won’t get a second chance to celebrate your first post nuptial trip. In other words, you’d want to have a honeymoon that most couples can only dream about.
Upon your and your partner’s tastes and preferences, the dream honeymoon could be a laidback one where both of you spend the hours locked in each other’s arms watching the sunset or taking a leisurely walk along the sandy shores. Or, it could be an activity filled one where you go skiing down the slopes or go scuba diving, snorkelling and so on. So, before you can set out for the trip, you’ll need to decide on the dream spot in consultation with your spouse. Following are some dream destinations. Just take your pick.

Barbados has a tropical climate throughout the year. Bathing in the lush bluish green waters of the Caribbean Sea in the daytime will lift your spirits. Take a walk hand-in-hand with your partner and soak in the warm soothing Barbados sunshine. Dress up or dress down for a night of endless fun. Be a witness and participate in the enlivening musical soirees, food and winery festivals, and culinary events or cheer a cricket team in a match at Kensington Oval. Visit the historical sites of Barbados Museum, Arlington House and Blackmans Gully. Barbados has 60 beaches in total spread over an area of 70 square miles. So, the possibilities of engaging in different types of water-sports or observing the flora and fauna in the Caribbean Sea are almost endless.  No matter, anytime you land in Barbados, you’ll always have the occasion to get lost in celebration and revelry.  
Cyprus is one of the best destinations to visit for honeymooners as the island remains sunny throughout the year. If you’re visiting the isle during the winter then focus on the spots in the Western part like Polis, port city of Limassol, Aphrodite’s rock, spectacular Paphos and so on. If you’re visiting Cyprus during the summer, visit the Larnaca region, the Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa, and Protaras. Visiting Limassol during summer is perfect for strolling in the beaches and partaking in the nightclub scene. Larnaca which is Cyprus’s oldest city also offer some great attractions to the tourist like the Phinikoudes Beach. Whatever be your wildest honeymoon desires, Cyprus can offer you the immaculate setting for a fitting start.

Seychelles is another impeccable honeymooning destination as it enjoys a tropical climate the year round. The pristine beaches are kept warm because of the ocean breezes. If angling interests you then you’ll really get engrossed in catching big game fishes like sharks, sail fish and marlins..   
Seychelles situated in the Indian Ocean is an archipelago made up of 115 islands. Seychelles is a virtual paradise for honeymooners. Each of the islands has something to offer for every honeymooning couple. The principal islands including but not limited to Mahe, Victoria (capital), Fregate, Cousin, Aride, Aldabra, and North Island are replete with natural reserves. There are also a string of national parks in this island nation. You can find accommodation in boutique hotels with affordable rates.

Santorini is an island situated about 200 kms from the mainland of Greece in the southern Aegean Sea and has traditionally been called ‘Thera’. The volcano along with its geysers is chief attraction in the island. The island also offers some breathtaking views of the sunset. You can also visit the ancient Minoan City, Prehistoric Thira Museum, the Kameni Volcano Islets, and the Skaross- a Venetian Fortress.
Very few locales in the world can rival Santorini as a majestic and grand post wedding destination. You’ll simply be bowled over by the enthralling surroundings with its age-old structures, the eclectic Mediterranean cuisines, and the stunning sunsets that simply merge into the horizon. Take a hike from Fira to Oia to escape from the madding crowd in the mainland. Or catch a movie at Kamari (an open air theatre). Surely give yourself a perfect massage while you take in the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Round off your trip by a winery tour.  

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Enjoy Luxury Trains While Travelling For Honeymoon

While planning a honeymoon trip why only focus on the selection of a unique destination, why not make an equally unique and appealing choice for your honeymoon travel as well.

I have seen everyone ponder a lot on the selection of the best places for honeymooning; looking for best of the honeymoon packages, planning an international destination honeymoon, etc. When people invest so much of money, time and energy selecting a romantic getaway for honeymoon, why then overlook the travel time fun. General trend what I have seen is that once decided the destination, people look for the fastest and convenient mode to reach out to the destination. Why so? Come on! Honeymoon is going to be once only. You may go on many more vacations around the corners of the world, but this special-blissful time of new blossoming love is never going to come back. I say instead of just travelling to enjoy why not enjoy the travel as well. Forget fast air travels or a direct rail/road route to your honeymoon destination; give a thought to enjoying luxurious train travel; giving a lazy, romantic and cozy start to your honeymoon vacation.

Enjoy the most romantic beginning to the celebration of your new love life travelling on the luxurious tourist trains or featured trains of India. For their opulent interiors, cozy accommodation, high class services and unique royal hospitality, these trains are winning the hearts of travelers from around the world, earning accolades from critics of various nations. One big advantage of planning a travel by these luxury trains will help you cover more than one honeymoon destination and that too of diverse directions and different routes, which otherwise would not have been feasible for you so conveniently.

Indian railway joining hands with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, has introduced various luxurious express trains catering travelers with the best of services and finest amenities. Some trains are even owned or run by state tourism boards.

Well! The list of these special featured trains of India, include:

Palace on Wheels

Enjoy the vivacious Rajasthan riding the majestic Palace on Wheels. ‘Palace on Wheels, as the name itself suggests is an Indian railway’s luxury tourist train built on the model of personal railway coaches which kings and princes of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Hyderabad and viceroys had in past. The train was started with the motive to promote tourism and offer tourists a totally unique-regal travelling experience around the opulent gullies of Rajasthan.

Maharaja Express

Also referred to as Gems of India, Maharaja Express offers the hot sought tourist spots in North India like Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore National Park and Jaipur, and then way back to Delhi. Interesting to know it is counted amongst World’s Top Trains and is the most expensive amongst all luxury trains in India.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on wheels is the reintroduction of Palace on Wheels’ with an extension of the route and destinations covered. Travel destinations of the train are Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur, Khajuraho, Agra and Varanasi.

The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is also referred to as the ‘Pride of the South’, tripping around all the prominent spots and destinations of South India. Destinations thereby covered include Bangalore, Kabini, Srirangapatna, Mysore, Belur, Halebid, Hampi, Badami, Goa, etc. Designs, color, interior and services of the train, everything is simply spectacular and lovable.

The Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey offers a fabulous journey to the enriched land of south routing all the way through cities like Mumbai, Tarkarli, Goa, Kolhapur, Daulatabad, Ajanta, Nasik and Sindhudurg.

The Indian Maharaja

A reintroduction or extension of the Maharaja Express, The Indian Maharaja Express also covers various other prominent destinations like Mumbai, Udaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Fatehpur Sikri, etc. along with Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Fairy Queen Express

It has its name in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the oldest locomotive of the world which is still working. The train runs a small cozy distance between Delhi and Alwar.

Other superfast/express trains worth considering, for traveling comfortably to your honeymoon spots are:

  • Duronto  Express
  • Rajdhani Express
  • Shatabdi Express
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Top 10 tips to make your honeymoon more special

Honeymoon days are the most special days of an early married life, where you get to spend some intimate time with your newly married spouse, which in turn, helps you in establishing a lasting relationship and a mutual understanding.

This phase, introduces you to the fun and excitement of a new relationship when you show your feelings to each other, and shower your love on your partner in the most romantic way you can imagine.

We provide some exquisite tips which will help you make your honeymoon much more special than you had thought of.

Here are 10 tips, through which you can show your love to your spouse & make your honeymoon more special:

1.  An early morning flower with a sweet good morning greeting is a very sweet gesture on your honeymoon. You can replace the flower with a bouquet as well and even girls can buy flowers for their husbands. So welcome a new morning in a new place with a flower, and feel the romance.

2. Have a hot water bubble bath, in the resort jacuzzi and give each other foot massage, and share an intimate time together. This idea will definitely bring you closer and increase the comfort level.

3. Go out on picnic, by taking up a trek, up the hill ( if you are on a hill station), and carry a basket full of snacks with you. You can enjoy the serene whether and the beautiful locales along with your partner’s company and enjoy the sunset in the evening. This will give you a very memorable time to cherish.

4. Get a little sporty and try some adventure sports on your honeymoon trip. You can go boating, rafting, scuba diving and water skiing. These sports will add some fun in your romantic honeymoon.

5. Play some nice music, preferably of your partner’s choice, in the hotel room and just enjoy the moment of togetherness with some nice melody playing in the background.

6. You can also try your hands in some romantic indoor games, with which you can also increase the romantic quotient of your honeymoon. Try Dumb Charades and Truth and Dare, and take a step closer to each other.

7. Take your lady out for a dance night in a nearby club or disco, where you can enjoy your honeymoon, literally burning the floor. Inquire about a nice place from your hotel authorities and give your lady a surprise dance evening.

8. Give your partner, small tokens of love, in the form of gifts. They need not to be expensive but should reflect your thoughts and feelings. You can give chocolates, greeting cards, self written notes, jewelery pieces, and other sweet little things like these.

9. Arrange for a river cruise night for your partner, nothing can be more romantic than that. Take her or him, blindfolded to the deck and make her step the threshold of the boat, in a surprising ecstasy. You can enjoy a pleasant night under the star studded sky, while floating on the river.

10. You can also arrange a romantic diner, with good food, delicious desserts and exotic wine, that too on the rooftop, with candle light. This special evening will make your honeymoon really special, providing you opportunities to cherish some golden moments of your life.

No matter which place you decide to go, or where you stay, when you two will be together, your love will start to burst from you and you can always come up with unique things to make the honeymoon trip a very special trip.

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Top 10 honeymoon dreams and wishes

Every couple who is on the verge of tying the knot, has high aspirations with their post-married life, and most importantly their first trip together as a couple. Not only one dreams of the locations they wish to visit in their honeymoons but there are several other small wishes associated with it too.
It could vary from one couple to another, from lovely beachside romance, to long walks along serene lakes to a luxurious time in a cottage. Check out the top ten honeymoon dreams and wishes.

Perfect camaraderie
Honeymoon is the time when you bond with your spouse and get to know each other more intimately. So, most people wish that they share a perfect camaraderie with their partner during the honeymoon. In any case, you don’t want a honeymoon rife with arguments and disagreements.

Complete isolation from routine life 
Who would not want a honeymoon that is completely cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? You wish to switch off your phone and lose yourself in the company of your beloved. This is one wish that can become a reality without much trouble. Tell your friends and colleagues that you don’t want to be disturbed and yes, switch off that phone. 
Comfort, luxury and convenience  
Would you not dream of a honeymoon in a room complete with a plush Jacuzzi, a bar equipped with the select wines and champagne, a soft and cozy bed and lovely ambiance? You would want to travel around in limousines, visit the most lavish spas and enjoy the most soothing massages with your beloved. Most people do wish and dream of the best of luxuries and comfort in their honeymoons.
Adventure between the sheets  
Love making ranks high in the priority list of a majority of married couples. Newlyweds dream of the most steaming sessions between the sheets, an experience that is no less than thrilling adventures. When you are on your honeymoon, drop your reservations and let the “lustful” part of you take over.

Looking like a sex god
Honeymoon is the time when women want to wear the sexiest of clothes, flaunt their toned bodies and excite their husbands all day long. From sarongs to bikinis and sexy nightgowns, acting as aphrodisiac mediums, ranks on top of the honeymoon wish list for women. Men share similar feelings too.

Just being with each other
Newlyweds want nothing more than being with each other during their honeymoon. Spending time with each other is more important than sightseeing or other adventurous outdoor activities for a lot of couples. Even if they do enjoy outdoor activities, they wish to do it just with their partners and not with a crowd of other people.

Adventure sports with the spouse
A recent survey showed that over 60 percent men wish to go on a trek in the hills or on a biking trip with their spouse on their honeymoon. Setting up a tent in the woods, having a bonfire and cozying up in front of it with the partner is really romantic. Lovemaking in tents might not be as comfortable as lovemaking in soft cushiony beds, but it is tremendously more exciting.

Lovely weather
No matter what location you go to for your honeymoon, be it a beach paradise or a hill station, you surely wish for good weather. You don’t want to end up in a place with storm winds and continuously pouring rains.
Financial restrictions and other constraints might not allow you to realize all your honeymoon dreams and wishes. But don’t let that stop you from dreaming! You never know, you might just find a way to make them come true!

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How to Adjust if You Got Married into Different Culture?

Getting betrothed and married to someone whose religion and culture is different from yours, can on one hand pose some extraordinary challenges and on the other can furnish you with some unique opportunities to bond with your partner. There are so many aspects that you’ll need to take into consideration while you enter a new phase in your life. You’ll have to come to terms with the reality that you’ll not be able to live your life in the manner you did before marriage. On top of that you’ll have to cope and adjust with the cultural and religious differences of your better half. Depending on how you deal with these differences can either lead to discords, conflicts and misunderstandings or result in your leading a blissful married life.

Will you be willing to raise your children will rarely get the opportunity to get acquainted with your traditions and culture?  Will you be ready to give up celebrating religious festivals and traditions that you’ve grown up with, forever? Will you be able to reconcile to the fact that your children will imbibe family traditions distinct from yours? Are you ready to live in a foreign culture for the rest of your life? Will you be willing to put up with the discriminations that you or your beloved will have to face because of marrying into a different culture or faith?
Individuals marrying into a culture or religion that is distinct from their own tend to see their differences more from a cultural perspective rather than from a religious or racial standpoint. The stress that results from an inter-cultural or inter-racial matrimony is manifested in various ways.

For instance, stress results when the couples are not able to reconcile with their styles of communication and there are major differences of opinions or outlooks about the going-ons in the world. Furthermore, stress follows when couples are not able to acclimatize with the subtle cultural differences in the form of value systems, religious beliefs and time-honoured traditions. More often than not, many couples are not able to confront and handle the negative and off-putting jibes from the society.  Offsprings from inter-cultural marriages also grow up with a set of values and beliefs that are not in sync with their parents. The rate of divorce in interracial marriages is also higher compared to identical cultural marriages.
How to Handle Differences? 

Keep a flexible attitude when discussing your problems or sharing your views and opinions. Try to build a relationship by having common goals, sharing friends, and respecting your partner’s religious and cultural beliefs. Try to deal with the differences with a cool head and give up the ‘me first’ thinking. Handle emotional situations very sensitively. Try to understand what your partner is trying to communicate. In other words, sharpen your communication skills in order to read between the lines. Go out of the way to improve your relationship with your spouse’s family and their community. Finally, be broad-minded and learn to live with the cultural disparities and dissimilarities.    

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