How to Have a Luxury Honeymoon in Budget

To have a happening and luxurious honeymoon is every newly wed’s desire, but not every pocket can afford the expenses for a luxurious resort or the best honeymoon places. Having a limited budget in hand not everyone can afford a luxurious honeymoon. Wait! Are you sure? I would say think again. A luxurious honeymoon is not only the one celebrated in the top hotels & resorts of the world, or on the famous celebrity destinations or on a private yatch or on which thousands of dollars are spent. Luxurious honeymoon is not dependent on big buck expenses. With proper planning and good strategy you can enjoy the fineness and joy of a luxury honeymoon on an affordable budget. How? Well that’s the trick.
First you need to understand that the parameter and definition of luxury varies according to the class and budget of the person. For those who have a sumptuous amount to spend on honeymoon, luxury honeymoon has no limitations. But what needs to be understood well, is how to celebrate a luxury honeymoon with the confines of a budget. Here is what you should do:


Set your priorities, what you want to spend more at and what you want to compromise at; destination, accommodation, travelling, hotel type, hotel location, itinerary, etc.

Professional Assistance

Approach a travel agent and look for the most affordable honeymoon package for yourself.

Choose an Offseason

Honeymoon packages, hotel rents, travel fairs, etc. always get expensive during peak seasons. Thus, waiting for a while and planning your honeymoon in an off-season you can manage an affordable honeymoon in the destination of your choice.

Opt the Alternate-Cheaper Destination

If the leading destination is costlier on your pocket, you can opt for a cheaper alternative. Like if a honeymoon package in Goa or Kovalam is expensive for you, you can opt to honeymoon in Varkala or Trivandrum.

Stay close to Home

Instead of going to the popular destination at the other corner of the world, you can choose a destination which is closer to your home. This way you would spend less on travelling and moreover the destination overall also may be cheaper.

Honeymoon Registry

One of the most interesting and innovative way to manage a luxury honeymoon in budget is to opt for a honeymoon registry with your travel agent, who through a registry service manage to contact your wedding guests (relatives/friends) and get some part of your honeymoon sponsored by them like travel tickets or honeymoon cruise or spa bookings, etc. And thus, a delightful package is prepared for you, without straining your pocket.

Advance Planning and Preparations

Start planning your honeymoon well in advance around at least 7-8 months prior to your marriage and start making the due bookings and shopping well in advance. Try to coincide your booking and shopping time with discount/off seasons.

Fish for coupons

Search for coupons that will earn you discounts on your package or hotel facilities, etc. You can also ask your friends, etc. for coupons; if they have any.

Customize the package

Pick the activities that you both would include and save your extra money on other selective activities.

Other small tips to follow would include:

  • Look for all inclusive packages.
  • Brag and bargain.
  • If you are going abroad, select a destination where the currency exchange rate is good.
  • Take out some private time out on the trip, enjoying the destination and yourself.
  • Select middle of the week, as services, hotel rents, markets, etc. usually get a little expensive on weekends.
  • Opt for a better hotel and cheaper room.
  • Opt for a bed + breakfast and rest look out for cheaper dining options.
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