Kasauli Hill Station – God’s Live Painting

I surely have known that there are such gifted painters, whose brush can bring magics alive on canvas. What if the greatest artist of all, God himself would brush a painting? How mesmerizing that painting would be is a point to ponder about and stay awed at.

I had heard a lot about the mesmerizing beauty of Kasauli and its intact treasure of natural treasure. And after my visit to Kasauli, I was left with only one exclamation to make: Kasauli Hill Station – ‘God’s Own Live Painting!’ My visit to the scenic Himachal hill station of Kasauli was full of pleasant surprises for me. One can just point out that Kasauli is like all other Himalayan hill stations. Though similar, but Kasauli has a magnetizing appeal, setting up apart the worries, pain and tensions. If you ask me, I’ll say you won’t be disappointed at any level of your anticipations from the town. Yes! I have been there and I found it far more beautiful than all that I had heard of, about it.

Taking a tour of the town, portrayal of its beauty will spontaneously start coming out from your mouth in form of beautiful adjectives, phrases, odes and poems. Serenity of nature is always known to be appealing to people. These natural escapades are ideal to unwind yourself, get relieved of the heat of summer and take a break from office.

The pleasure treasures of Kasauli were simply beyond any words and expressions. Though unplanned and short, but the trip to Kasauli offered me an ideal break full of solitude and peace. Far from the hustles and bustles of modern city lives, lap of Mother Nature is so pure and serene that it left me totally awestruck. Cuddled with the enchanting tranquillity, all my worries and office tension were left far behind.

There are many interesting places to visit and things to do in the town. There, I found scenic spots to delight my eyes with, historical places to marvel at and spiritual shrines to bow my head forth. The first day we took a trip down to the prime locations of the city, Monkey Point, Sanawar, the Churches and Kasauli Brewery. Kasauli having been an old British colony exhibits a delighting array of pathways to take a walk in, moving around and shopping in the colonial town living a modern 21st century life. High rising thickets of chir-pine-oak and chestnut tree studded forests have encircled Kasauli as if they are hiding the town from the artificial glamour and glitter. Overlooked by the Himalayan summits around, the unwinding narrow roads to Kasauli, took me to heaven amidst the sweetly rustling air. Cool breezes of air coming from Himalayas buffeted away all our Delhi’s heat and exhaustion born tiredness.

Blissful lap of Kasauli hill station is a basket full of pleasantness that will quietly steal away your heart. Though commercialized, yet pristinely Kasauli hill station is a dear darling. Kasauli hill station is a must to visit place in a lifetime, to witness the God’s one of the finest live paintings.

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