Top 10 honeymoon dreams and wishes

Every couple who is on the verge of tying the knot, has high aspirations with their post-married life, and most importantly their first trip together as a couple. Not only one dreams of the locations they wish to visit in their honeymoons but there are several other small wishes associated with it too.
It could vary from one couple to another, from lovely beachside romance, to long walks along serene lakes to a luxurious time in a cottage. Check out the top ten honeymoon dreams and wishes.

Perfect camaraderie
Honeymoon is the time when you bond with your spouse and get to know each other more intimately. So, most people wish that they share a perfect camaraderie with their partner during the honeymoon. In any case, you don’t want a honeymoon rife with arguments and disagreements.

Complete isolation from routine life 
Who would not want a honeymoon that is completely cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? You wish to switch off your phone and lose yourself in the company of your beloved. This is one wish that can become a reality without much trouble. Tell your friends and colleagues that you don’t want to be disturbed and yes, switch off that phone. 
Comfort, luxury and convenience  
Would you not dream of a honeymoon in a room complete with a plush Jacuzzi, a bar equipped with the select wines and champagne, a soft and cozy bed and lovely ambiance? You would want to travel around in limousines, visit the most lavish spas and enjoy the most soothing massages with your beloved. Most people do wish and dream of the best of luxuries and comfort in their honeymoons.
Adventure between the sheets  
Love making ranks high in the priority list of a majority of married couples. Newlyweds dream of the most steaming sessions between the sheets, an experience that is no less than thrilling adventures. When you are on your honeymoon, drop your reservations and let the “lustful” part of you take over.

Looking like a sex god
Honeymoon is the time when women want to wear the sexiest of clothes, flaunt their toned bodies and excite their husbands all day long. From sarongs to bikinis and sexy nightgowns, acting as aphrodisiac mediums, ranks on top of the honeymoon wish list for women. Men share similar feelings too.

Just being with each other
Newlyweds want nothing more than being with each other during their honeymoon. Spending time with each other is more important than sightseeing or other adventurous outdoor activities for a lot of couples. Even if they do enjoy outdoor activities, they wish to do it just with their partners and not with a crowd of other people.

Adventure sports with the spouse
A recent survey showed that over 60 percent men wish to go on a trek in the hills or on a biking trip with their spouse on their honeymoon. Setting up a tent in the woods, having a bonfire and cozying up in front of it with the partner is really romantic. Lovemaking in tents might not be as comfortable as lovemaking in soft cushiony beds, but it is tremendously more exciting.

Lovely weather
No matter what location you go to for your honeymoon, be it a beach paradise or a hill station, you surely wish for good weather. You don’t want to end up in a place with storm winds and continuously pouring rains.
Financial restrictions and other constraints might not allow you to realize all your honeymoon dreams and wishes. But don’t let that stop you from dreaming! You never know, you might just find a way to make them come true!

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