Top 10 tips to make your honeymoon more special

Honeymoon days are the most special days of an early married life, where you get to spend some intimate time with your newly married spouse, which in turn, helps you in establishing a lasting relationship and a mutual understanding.

This phase, introduces you to the fun and excitement of a new relationship when you show your feelings to each other, and shower your love on your partner in the most romantic way you can imagine.

We provide some exquisite tips which will help you make your honeymoon much more special than you had thought of.

Here are 10 tips, through which you can show your love to your spouse & make your honeymoon more special:

1.  An early morning flower with a sweet good morning greeting is a very sweet gesture on your honeymoon. You can replace the flower with a bouquet as well and even girls can buy flowers for their husbands. So welcome a new morning in a new place with a flower, and feel the romance.

2. Have a hot water bubble bath, in the resort jacuzzi and give each other foot massage, and share an intimate time together. This idea will definitely bring you closer and increase the comfort level.

3. Go out on picnic, by taking up a trek, up the hill ( if you are on a hill station), and carry a basket full of snacks with you. You can enjoy the serene whether and the beautiful locales along with your partner’s company and enjoy the sunset in the evening. This will give you a very memorable time to cherish.

4. Get a little sporty and try some adventure sports on your honeymoon trip. You can go boating, rafting, scuba diving and water skiing. These sports will add some fun in your romantic honeymoon.

5. Play some nice music, preferably of your partner’s choice, in the hotel room and just enjoy the moment of togetherness with some nice melody playing in the background.

6. You can also try your hands in some romantic indoor games, with which you can also increase the romantic quotient of your honeymoon. Try Dumb Charades and Truth and Dare, and take a step closer to each other.

7. Take your lady out for a dance night in a nearby club or disco, where you can enjoy your honeymoon, literally burning the floor. Inquire about a nice place from your hotel authorities and give your lady a surprise dance evening.

8. Give your partner, small tokens of love, in the form of gifts. They need not to be expensive but should reflect your thoughts and feelings. You can give chocolates, greeting cards, self written notes, jewelery pieces, and other sweet little things like these.

9. Arrange for a river cruise night for your partner, nothing can be more romantic than that. Take her or him, blindfolded to the deck and make her step the threshold of the boat, in a surprising ecstasy. You can enjoy a pleasant night under the star studded sky, while floating on the river.

10. You can also arrange a romantic diner, with good food, delicious desserts and exotic wine, that too on the rooftop, with candle light. This special evening will make your honeymoon really special, providing you opportunities to cherish some golden moments of your life.

No matter which place you decide to go, or where you stay, when you two will be together, your love will start to burst from you and you can always come up with unique things to make the honeymoon trip a very special trip.

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