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Honeymoon in Central India

There is no any other way to make your honeymoon most romantic and erotic then to visit the blissful land of Central India. Roam under the roofs of stone carved temples of Khajuraho and decipher the love poems, or go experience the thrill of natural wildlife sanctuaries of Central India or take a look at the regal opulence of Gwalior-Indore or attend the festivities. Honeymoon in Central India will introduce you to the sensuality and intimacy you are looking for between you two.

Honeymoon in Central India is about spending some time in some of the most romantic destinations in India. The region is fabled land of eternal love, sensual romance and gallantry bravery. The custom, culture, dressing sense and eating habits are some of the things you will experience on Honeymoon in Central India. Explore the regions of Madhya Pradesh and newly formed Chattisgarh to make the event a sweetly cherished memory.

Honeymoon in Central India offers you an opportunity to visit the beautifully made stone temples, pleasant and beautiful hill stations, fabled cities and wilderness of the wild areas.

Honeymoon in Central India Try to decipher the poetry on stones, admire the beauty of the Mother Nature, learn about the eternal romances and enjoy a tête-à-tête with the beasts of the jungles on Honeymoon in Central India. Bring a little adventure in your relationship on Honeymoon in Central India by undertaking jungle safaris, trying out local and regional cuisines and going on a shopping spree.

Learn how to bring loving sensuality into your romance with a tour of the renowned temples of Khajuraho on Honeymoon in Central India. Take a breather in the peaceful and fresh environs of Panchmarhi on Honeymoon in Central India. Explore the dream town of Mandu on your Honeymoon in Mandu and listen to the sweet romantic love story. Enjoy a date with the wild animals living in their natural habitat in Kanha on your Honeymoon in Central India.

You will enjoy the company of your life partner when you visit the stone temples.

Why Honeymoon in Central India

Heartland of India is no less than a wonderland full of pleasure treasures. Central India is blessed with impeccable natural tranquility and regal splendor. Central India is a true embodiment of the opulence, vibrancy and colors of Indian Culture, Heritage and Rites-Rituals.
For years Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have been a leading pilgrimage and a star attraction for the historians and archeologists. Over time, the drift has changed a lot and the Central India has emerged as a splendid honeymoon destination. It is today home to unique honeymoon destinations, offering incredible romantic escapades.

The blissful festivals to fables of ancient heroes and mythologies to vibrant traditions to tranquil ambience; they all together make a sensual set-up enchanting the newlyweds. Honeymooning charms of Central India is simply hard to resist. And of course do not forget to relish the delicacies and mouth watering cuisines like Kusli, Lavang Lata, Cashew Burfi, Jalebi, Khurma, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Sabudana Khichdi, etc.

A Visit to the Stone Carved Temples and Caves of Central India

Erotic temples of Khajuraho for decades and centuries have been appealing and enchanting couples. For newlyweds temple city Khajuraho is the most romantic place to feel the intimacy of love and fall in love of life. Find yourself your divine love.

Other must to visit archeological splendors in the region is Bhimbetka Caves. You can also include a visit to Ajanta and Ellora Caves on your Central India honeymoon tour.

Feel the Romantic Essence of the Scenic Hill Station of Central India

In you are thinking that historical cities embedded with temples and forts are the only attractions in the plains of Central India, you are mistaken. You can also delight yourself and your beloved, with the scenic and tranquil hill stations of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Famous honeymooning hill stations around here are:

Experience the Wilderness of Central India National Parks

Honeymoon in Central India Honeymoon ideas at National parks are growing in trend these days. For some serenity and solitude is the definition of honeymoon. While some prefer thrill and excitement in the unwinding lap of nature and of-course the comforting company of your soul-mate makes the trip complete. For the nature and wildlife lovers, the wildlife-conservation devoted central land of India offers various intriguing honeymoon destinations. Best romantic national park honeymoon destinations are:

Historical Destinations of Central India

India is an epitome of opulent heritage and ancient civilization. Every part of the country has a story to be told, some secrets to unfold and various treasures to exhibit. Similar is the story of the mystic royal heirlooms and ancient cities of Central India. Most renowned historical places that make fabulous honeymoon destinations are:

Honeymooning Ideas in Central India which are filled with Spirituality

The plain of Ganges for year has been mothering shrines of various cults and religions, conserving the Indian heritage. There is no doubt you too would have considered or even make your visit to one/some of these spiritual destinations of Central India: To start your new life with a visit to any of these places, will bring you the bliss and prosperity you would be blessed with for your whole life.

Enchanting Honeymoon Destinations of Central India

Most famous and sought after honeymoon destinations of central India are Khajuraho, Panchmarhi, Kanha National Park and Mandu.
While some unexplored honeymoon splendors of central main land are Kurschel Valley, Jagdalpur, Dantewada, etc.

Honeymoon in Central India

Last updated : January 28, 2016