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Honeymoon in Bastar

Looking for an exclusive romantic honeymoon treat post your wedding, pack your bags for Bastar, the Kashmir of Chhattisgarh. Nestled at a lofty height and encircled by succulent forest covered mountains Bastar is an exhilarating romantic getaway. For those who love greenery, tranquility, waterfalls and tribal heritage; Bastar is next to Heaven.

What keeps Chhattisgarh on an edge over all other wildlife sanctuaries of India, is its lesser explored and pristine forest areas. And this is the reason some of the most endangered and rare species of animals, birds and plants can be seen around here, along with all other well known wildlife attractions. Due to limited human activities and commercialization, the natural inhabitation of its wildlife is still intact. Tribal heritage adds lots of charm and more excitement to the thought of planning a honeymoon trip to Chhattisgarh’s National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Chhattisgarh is indeed no less than heaven for those who love nature, wildlife, tranquility and tribal ambience. You doubt? Where else can you find an impeccable combination of wooden hills with dense foliage of high rising forests and carpeting shrubs with natural caves, exhilarating waterfalls, undulating hills, gages plains, valleys, and booming around animals!

Honeymoon Attractions in Bastar

Along with the scintillating ranges of mountains, rolling down valleys and cascading waterfalls; Bastar is also an incredible territory of natural caves. Bastar indeed is world famous for its naturally created caves. Getting around in Bastar you would love to take lazy walks amidst the thickets of Bamboos, Sal Teak, Sheesam, Bija trees. Explore the impeccable treasure of nature in its most pristine form around Bastar. Honeymoon vacation in Bastar is an exotic treat to those couples who are looking for romance filled cheap honeymoon idea.

Honeymoon in Bastar Must to visit places of Bastar are:
On your honeymoon trip to Bastar, explore the rich heritage of its different tribes. Know their history, and experience the simplicity of their life. Various tribes of Bastar to meet and know about are Muria, Gonds, Habla, Bhatra, Dola, Dhruva and Bison Horn Madia.

Famous events and festivals of Bastar, that you would love to attend to and enjoy during your honeymoon trip to Bastar, are:

Having seen a lot and enjoyed a lot, don’t forget to shop for the amazing range of tribal artifacts made of Bellmetal, Wrought Iron, Woodcraft, Terracotta, Sisal and Shell craft.

Honeymoon Hotels in Bastar

Best honeymoon hotels to check in, while on your honeymoon trip to Bastar, are:

Best Time to Visit to Bastar

Located in the central part of India, Bastar has a tropical climate. Summers are too hot and humid. Shower of monsoon brings in coolness and relief from the exhausting heat. The best time thus to plan a blissful honeymoon trip in Bastar would be during the cool months of winter, between the months of October to March.

How to Reach to Bastar

Air: Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is the closet airport to get down, from where you can take the rail or road ways to Bastar. And the other airport you can route to is Vishakhapatnam.

Rail: Bastar does not have its own railway station, and the nearest railway station is Jagdalpur lying at a distance of around 18km. Raipur is the major railway station to travel to Bastar and is fairly accessible by trains from almost all parts of the country.

Road: Central location of the state of Chhattisgarh makes it easily accessible from its surrounding and other nearby states. It is very easy to reach the city of Bastar by roads. You can easily get a tourist bus from all major cities of Chhattisgarh and surrounding states to travel to Bastar.

What Things to Carry to Bastar

Carry comfortable clothes, which are not too revealing. Pick and pack smartly to keep your luggage light. You must carry ample quantity of all your regular as well as needful medicines. Camera with extra pair of batteries, mobile with charger, skin protection, cosmetics, sunglasses, backpack, a bottle of water etc. are a must in Khajuraho.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Make all your travel and tour related bookings done at least 1 month before you marriage date, so that there is no hustles on the blissful time of your marriage.
Last updated : January 20, 2016