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Honeymoon in Champaran

Why should your dream honeymoon be a replica of what your friends or relatives did on theirs? Go around the unexplored verdant land of Chhattisgarh; enjoy a blissful honeymoon in an unruffled tranquility. Try a new honeymoon destination like village of Champaran in Chhattisgarh, far from tourist crowds, set your trail and share your honeymoon stories with others; envy them.

Honeymoon Attractions in Champaran

Scenic village of Champaran is a venerated pilgrim destination. Champaran or Champajhar is an important part of central India tours in Chhattisgarh and for those who visit Raipur for holidays. Champaran is primarily known for being the birthplace of Saint Vallabhacharya and thus, is very sacred for followers of Vallabh sect.

Village of Champaran is not only pleasing to the pilgrims of Vallabh sect, but is as well serene to the travelers and honeymooners seeking tranquility and peace. What appeals and delights honeymooners around here include:

Honeymoon in Champaran Must to visit honeymoon spots around village of Champaran are:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Champaran

The options to stay in the scenic village of Champaran are the following three dharamshalas:

Apart from that you can also opt to stay in nearby hotels at Rajim, Arang or Raipur.

Best Time to Visit to Champaran

Village of Champaran is best to visit in the cool months of winter, when the air is dry and weather is most suitable for long hours’ sightseeing and other outdoor activities. It is best advised for the tourists to avoid both summer and monsoon around here. You can plan your Champaran trip between the months of November to March.

How to Reach to Champaran

Village of Champaran comes under Raipur district and thus, reaching there is not a thing to worry about. Raipur is the gateway to Champaran.

Air: Raipur airport is the destination for air-travelers to travel upto. You can easily get a cab/bus to further travel to Champaran.

Rail: Raipur is the nearest and a major railway station linked well with every part of the country.

What Things to Carry to Champaran

Must to carry things with you on your honeymoon trip to Champaran, Chhattisgarh:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Why not act proactively and relax having thing done properly in advance of your marriage. Get all important booking like music band, caterer, beauty salon, lightings, etc. and your honeymoon booking done at least 1-2 months before your marriage.
Last updated : January 20, 2016