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Honeymoon in Puri

Auspicious land of Puri is a renowned honeymoon destination. Pristine beauty and exhilarating sea shores well define the fascinating honeymoon idea. The rich cultural appeal of Jagannath Puri and surrounding silver beaches are simply irresistible. Presence of other historical, architectural and religious realms are great add on attraction. And if you are thinking that this is it, no you are wrong. Puri has much more to offer. Bamboo and sal forests, lakes, islands, and pearls are also equally appealing offer of this land.

Peaceful silver beaches dotted with monumental magnificence enchant you on your honeymoon in Puri with Honeymoon in India. Situated in Orissa on the Bay of Bengal coast Puri is also known as Jagannath Puri.

Tour the world famous Jagannath Temple located on the Puri coast that is strewn with ancient boulders and monoliths carved with religious, floral and traditional motifs.

Vast cream sands lead towards casuarina groves that add a dash of romance to the fairly uninhabited Puri beach that offers all the privacy in the world under the vast skies that meet the horizon over the Bay of Bengal.

Flanked by bamboo thickets and Sal forests in the west, scenic Puri offers several interesting holiday options for those on a honeymoon tour in this picturesque coastal land in East India.

Honeymoon in Puri Tour the attractions of Bhubaneshwar, Sambalpur and Khurda as you honeymoon in Puri, East India. Enjoy a boat cruise on the Chilka Lake that is the largest freshwater lake in Asia.

Visit the Gundicha Mandir, Satyabadi and celebrate cultural functions such as the Jagannath Yatra and Nava Kalebara. Puri in Orissa, East India is more of a pilgrimage though honeymooners prefer spending their honeymoon in this part of the country for its scenic beauty and serene locales that are rarely frequented by crowds.

The massive Jagannath Temple is of course a major attraction and is a must visit during your honeymoon tour in Puri, Orissa in East India.

Honeymoon Attractions in Puri

The major attractions of Puri for the honeymooners include:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Puri

Here are the best 10 hotels, where you can stay for your honeymoon in Puri:

Best Time to go to Puri

The tropical summers of Puri are very hot and humid, while monsoon receives heavy rainfall. The best time to visit Puri is thus in winter season, between the months of October and April.

How to Reach to Puri

Being a prominent devasthal/pilgrimage, Puri has very good accessibility from various parts of the country. Puri has fine road connectivity with the whole of Orissa. Puri has a major railway station of its own, which is linked directly with various major cities of the country. Capital city of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar is the nearest domestic airport and Kolkata is the nearest international airport.

What Things to Carry to Puri

Carry the following essentials with you:

Before How Many Months the Booking Must be Done

Get your rooms booked at least 1 month before your honeymoon time to avoid any kind of inconvenience once you are there.
Last updated : January 22, 2016