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Honeymoon in Shillong

Shillong - the capital city of Meghalya that literally means the "home of clouds," is an extraordinarily delightful hill Honeymoon Destination in India. Honeymoon in beautiful Shillong and spend your days trekking past dense pine forests, hill lakes and gurgling waterfalls that create the perfect honeymoon setting for a newly wed couple.

Dark spiraling road slithers through pine forests and ascends some 1496m above the sea level to an uneven plateau known as Shillong. The winding ride through the forest can be quite enjoyable and refreshing. NH 40 which connects Shillong to Guwahati passes through Umaim Lake 15km from Shillong. This man made, picturesque lake is a great welcoming treat for any traveler. It alerts you to the possibilities and promises of many wonderful sights and treats one can encounter during your stay in Shillong.

Shillong was chosen as the capital of Assam (which also includes the now Meghalaya) as by the British in 1874. It remained so until Meghalaya got its Statehood in 1972. It was chosen because of its convenient location and temperate climate. The British built Houses, Churches, and Institutes survive even to this day. Shillong still retains some of its colonial look and charms. The locals here pay much attention to houses and neat windows. Almost every house has a garden. Shillong is the perfect place for flower lovers. Every house put up a grand exhibition. In fact Meghalaya is one of the Biodiversity rich States in India. Places like Lady Hydari Park and Ward’s Lake are known for floral shows and as home to rare plant species.

Shillong is originally home to Khasis and Jaintia’s but their populations has dwindled as compared to the influx of migrants from other States like West Bengal, Assam, Bihar etc. Khasi people have strong traditions and beliefs. They are one of the few matriarchy societies in the World.

Though traditional roots are strong the locals have great love for Western Music. Many western bands including MLTR, Air Supply, Fire House, Petra etc have performed here. It is the music powerhouse of North-East India. Bob dylan’s Birthday is almost a festival here. Music lovers came together to celebrate with great music. Shillong is also home to popular bands like Shillong Chamber Choir and Soul Mate. Lately Shillong Lajong FC has brought the spotlight back to Shillong.

The whether is unpredictable in Shillong. You can enjoy all kinds of seasons in a day. Good amount of rain makes the place even cleaner. There are only few cities in India like Shillong when it comes to cleanliness and hygienic sense. Be assured that you’ll breathe pollution free air during your stay here.

The countryside is equally impressive. The rolling hill around the valley reminded of Scotland to the first European settlers and was therefore named ‘Scotland of the East’. This vast grassland spreads as far as Cherapunjee until it is cut off sharply into cliffs at the Meghalaya- Bangladesh border. One can see the plains of Bangladesh from the Meghalaya side. Beautiful landscapes and Waterfalls are common sights. It is the perfect destination for those who want to unwind in the bosoms of nature.

Try Chinese cuisine, Bhutanese delicacies and traditional steamed pork momos as you honeymoon in picturesque Shillong with Honeymoon in India. See undulating greens at Golf Links, check out colorful butterflies and hill insects at the Museum of Entomology and spend a delightful and thrilling picnic holiday at the gorgeous Elephant Falls while honeymooning in Shillong, East India.

Places to Visit:

How to Reach Shillong:

By Air- Guwahati’s Borjhar Airport is the nearest international airport at a distance of 128 kilometers from Shillong.

By Rail- Shillong is connected by rail with the rest of the country through the railhead of Guwahati at a distance of 103 kilometers.

By Road- Both Deluxe and ordinary bus services are available.

Best Time to Visit: October-November, March-April

Location: Meghalaya

Last updated : January 22, 2016