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Honeymoon in Siliguri

Far from the hustles of city life and bustles of traffic, Siliguri is an ideal honeymoon destination in North East India. The quiet and serene atmosphere of this city sets a perfect romantic mood. Cool Himalayan breeze, roaming around clouds and surrounding greenery welcomes you to the beautiful beginning of your new life.

Honeymoon Attractions in Siliguri

Have a look below at the star attractions of honeymooning in the splendid city of Siliguri:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Siliguri

For the honeymooners heading towards Siliguri, following is the list of top rated hotels for their reference:

Best Time to go to Siliguri

The most advisable time to plan a visit to Siliguri is between the months of March to June and between October to December. During these durations the weather is pleasant and the beauty of Siliguri is at its best.

How to Reach Siliguri

Siliguri is one of the major cities of West Bengal. It is thus well provided with infrastructural developments and is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Siliguri is a leading business centre of the region and thus is fairly accessible by road from various directions and different parts of the country. Siliguri also has an airport with domestic flights’ services, in Bagdogra. While the Eastern railway and North Eastern railways connect Siliguri with the whole country via Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

What Things to Carry to Siliguri

Siliguri has a very pleasant weather on an average. Except for the monsoon, you can always plan a trip there. In summer you can clothe as per your wish, but it’s advisable to keep a light shawl or a windcheater as the cool breeze coming from Himalaya at times can make you shiver a little. In winters you must have woolens with you. Do not forget to keep your sunglasses, skin protection and precautionary medicines. Last but not the least, honeymooners pick your camera and capture all your beautiful moments.

Before How Many Months the Booking Must be Done

Siliguri offers you the advantage of getting descent accommodations even at the last moment. Though, the resorts at Siliguri are required to be booked in advance.
Last updated : January 22, 2016