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Honeymoon in Chamba

Chamba is nicely tucked between Jammu and Kashmir on the North West and Lahaul and Bara Bangal area of Himachal on the South-East. Chamba valley is chiseled out of high mountains on all sides and a river running through it. Sitting just 52 km from Dalhousie, Chamba wore a very different look from the colonial town. Dalhousie is today known for its colonial remains and heritage where as Chamba still clings close to its old customs and heritage.

Sharp cliffs, serene river, greenery and ancient heritage make Chamba a scenic beauty. The unique and protective landscape shielded the town from serious invasions. It is one of the only towns in North India to still preserve a documented history from 500 AD Circa. Temples constructed thousands of years ago by Chamba Rajas still continued to be places of worship and attract thousands of tourists.

The adjoining areas have immense scope of leisure pursuits too; the plateaus and the snowline can be sighted from any part of the town. The town was founded by Raja Sahil Varman in the beginning of 10th Century and was named after her beloved daughter Champa.Honeymoon in Chamba Amazingly the great Muslim rulers like Akbar and Shah Jahan never invaded this smaller Rajput kingdom. In fact Shah Jahan was a close friend of Raja Prathvi Singh (1641- 1664), a Chamba king. Though there were occasional fights the kingdom was never destroyed beyond repair and retained its honor even during the British era. It was in 1948 that Chamba became part of Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from the snow capped mountains and rich scenic beauty, Chamba has many interesting and unexposed temples dating back to 1000 AD.

Places to Visit in Chamba:

Some Other Honeymoon Attractions in Chamba

Khajjiar Lake Chamba Central Park
Panch Pulla Chamera Dam
Tilmili Spring Upper Bakrota
Chaugan Tehri Dam
Lama Dal Parmar Valley
Pangi Valley Hudan Valley
Chobia Pass Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

There are a number of devotional shrines, where you would love to take your beloved to, and pray together for the everlasting love and bliss in your life. Located at scenic places, these temples are great for sightseeing as well. Main temples to visit include:

Chamunda Devi Temple Surkhanda Devi Temple
Champavati Devi Temple Bajreshwari Devi Temple
Hari Rai Mandir Laxmi Narayan Temple
Sui Mata Devi Mandir Chaurasi Temple
Scotland Missionary Church Bansi Gopal Temple
Katasan Devi Temple Mahakali Temple
Kajji Nag Temple Gauri Shankar Temple
Akhand Chandi Palace Temple Chattri Temple
Dayanand Temple  

Other attractions worth visiting, for you honeymooners would be: Pick Chamba special souvenirs from the markets. You can shop for local stone and metal goodies, shawls, paintings, etc. apart from sightseeing and wildlife tours, adventure enthusiasts can also med themselves with:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Chamba

Chamba valley offers wide variety of options in luxury as well as budget honeymoon accommodations. Best hotels of Chamba are:

Best Time to Visit Chamba

Chamba is all season headway, with every season blessed with its own beauty and efficacy. Though the peak seasons are referred to during the months of March to June and then between September to Dec.

How to Reach to Chamba

Air: Dehradun domestic airport is the nearest air terminal to get down at for the air travels going to Chamba.

Rail: Chamba is not accessible by railways. If you are planning to travel by railways, you will have to take a train to the Rishikesh or Pathankot, which are both well linked in all directions and thus, accessible from almost all parts of the country. Getting down there you can further take cab/taxi/bus to cover the road distance to Chamba.

Road: Various national highways and state highways branching out leading the way to Chamba, and to travel on this scenic route is an experience you would love to cherish all your life. You can either choose to travel with tourist bus or can also take a car on rent for the drive.

What Things to Carry to Chamba

Basic travel necessities that your bag must have, while away from home, in Chamba:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Chamba valley is amongst one of the most sought destinations of Himachal and thus you have to be proactive regarding your honeymoon tour and trip bookings to be done in advance, otherwise the rates of hotels may go high or desired package /room may not be available. Why take risk, do it all at least 1.5-2 months before your trip.
Last updated : January 21, 2016