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Honeymoon in Khajjiar

Mesmeric land of Himachal Pradesh is jeweled with incredible gems of nature. Lofty Himalayan summits, succulent forests, love messenger-clouds, pleasant weather and unparalleled peace together create a heavenly bliss for the lovers and honeymooners. Amongst the many popular honeymoon destinations of Himachal Pradesh, is Khajjiar. Khajjiar is more profoundly revered to as the Mini Switzerland of India.

Khajjiar is a small valley that lies between Chamba and Dalhousie along the 52 km stretch. It is also known as mini Switzerland because of its close resemblance to the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, making it a perfect honeymoon destination. A serene lake surrounded by little grassland and on the slopes canopied by pines and deodars, Khajjiar is a tourist paradise. Thought the place is easily accessible by cabs and buses, the lush valley still retains its innocent charm and tranquility. At such small confined area Khajjiar offers various ecosystems like grassland, lake and forest. Khajjiar is one of the most attractive places even in Himalayan region and is named after an ancient Temple Khajinag.

The saucer shaped glen has a periphery of 5kms. The deodar forest surrounding the glen is part of the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. A brook fed- little tarn in the middle of the glen made the whole place just perfect. Khajjiar also draws many adventure enthusiasts. Revolving silver ball, paragliding are some activities one can enjoy at the glen. Fresh air, radiant sun and dewy grass lend a healing touch. In winter whole area can turn into a snow caped wonderland.

Location: Khajjiar 24Km from Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Altitude : 1981m above sea level

Climate :

Best Time to Visit : Between March and June

Khajinag, the 12th Century Temple dedicated to goddess Devi is a major attraction here :

Honeymoon Attractions in Khajjiar

Sited on a pleasant location in the succulent foothills of Himalaya, Khajjiar is a mesmerizing location for honeymooning. The scenic beauty and heart stealing tranquility is a worth deal for the honeymooners. Sited nobly on table area of Chamba district, Khajjiar is counted amongst the most captivating hill stations of India.

Tickets of deodar and pine forests encircled by snow capped summits of Dhauladhar range offers honeymooners a convenient escapade in the lap of nature. The serenity stretched all around your eyes will steal away your heart at the very first sight.

You would be simply thrilled by the majestic sights you get of around at Khajjiar. Mountain Kailash, in China, can be easily seen from here when the sky is clear. During winters when the whole region gets carpeted with snow it resembles the Gulmarg. Khajjiar Lake is a photographer’s delight. Centrally located among the meadows, the lake also has a small island in it; it is a perfect romantic outing. While on Khajjiar honeymoon tour, do visit: The Khajji Nag Temple, Golden Devi Temple, Panch Pandav Tree, Dhauladhar Mountain, and Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. An excursion to the nearby villages of Khajjiar will be very delighting and the must to visit among them are Rota, Ladi, etc. Apart from the delighting sightseeing and excursions, Khajjiar also has fabulous sports activities to make the excitement rush all over your body with the pumping adrenaline. A horse ride across the whole Khajjiar is a must to try on your honeymoon with your beloved sharing the same back of horse or walking side by side on two horses. The other must to try is zorbing on the slopes of Khajjiar. Full of fun and thrill, rolling down the slope in zorbing ball is an experience of a life time.

Visit Khajjiar to celebrate love in the enchanting bliss of nature and tantalizing solitude.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Khajjiar

Planning a honeymoon trip to Khajjiar, and worried about where to stay in Khajjiar! Here we bring you the best known hotels and honeymoon resorts of Khajjiar:

How to Reach to Khajjiar

Khajjiar is located close to the famous tourist locations of Chamba and Dalhousie. Tourism is a prime source of income for the state of Himachal Pradesh and thus, has fabulous infrastructural development in its every part. Khajjiar being one of the famous tourist spots of Himachal is very easy to reach. Khajjiar infact can also be reached from Dalhousie via trekking. Kangra based Gaggal airport and Pathankot airport are the two nearest airports to reach Khajjiar. Similarly, Pathankot railway station would be the closest railhead to go to Khajjiar.

What Things to Carry to Khajjiar

During summer you would need a light woolen for nights, while winters would require proper woolens in the chillness of Khajjiar. Do not forget to carry a pair of casual shoes for outdoor and trekking shoes for trekking and mountain hiking at Dhauladhar. Your beauty and styling kit would be inevitably required. Do not forget to keep needful medicines, skin protections, ofcourse the sunglasses and your camera and mobile.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Honeymoons are meant to enjoy and spend time in the company of your life partner. So, it is always a thumb rule to get all booking and reservations for travel and tour done in advance of your honeymoon. Book your hotels and travel tickets 1 month before your honeymoon.
Last updated : January 21, 2016