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Best Honeymoon Destinations in December

For a perfect beginning of your married life, the first thing that you require is a perfect destination, to have your honeymoon.

This is the period, when you can relax and enjoy each other's company to the fullest, without any worries of work, home or family. So come to India, the land of diversity, that offers you multiple options to choose from.

In the month of December, the climate in the country is mainly cold, some places in the north, in fact, witness heavy snowfall. So if your idea of honeymoon, is to roam around in the town with your partner and enjoy the locales, then you must go down south to the coastal areas, where the tropical climate will keep you from wrapping yourselves in layers and layers of woolen clothing.

You can go to the splendid beaches of Goa, the mangroves and backwaters of Kerala, the coral reefs of Andamans and the beautiful lagoons of Lakshadweep Islands, where a honeymoon time will be the most romantic experience of your life, and the weather in December will add wonders to that romance.

The Best Honeymoon Attractions:

A honeymoon in the southern coasts, is not only limited to watching sunsets on beaches and sipping exotic drinks, there is so much heritage and many amazing places to see, and kill the monotony from your honeymoon.

The Heritage and Churches of Goa, are a must

Churches in Goa Many buildings of this coastal land, is influenced by Portugal architecture. The churches and houses of Old Goa, especially, will provide you that old world charm, where everything used to be simple yet elegant.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral are the two most popular churches, while you can also see the Church of Reis Magos and St. Francis of Assisi, which are equally renowned for their Gothic designs.

The Velha Conquistas, also consists such cities and ruins of ancient splendor, which will reflect Portuguese Imperial domination over Goa. Get a glimpse of this historical reflection in Goa, and explore a different magic.

The marvelous Beaches cannot be ignored

Once on the coastal areas, there won't be any place where you will not get to see the sprawled out beaches. Couples enjoying with their partners, while trying water sports, or just a relaxing time, these beaches are a wonderful source of romance in your honeymoon.

Go to the Benaulim, Condolim, Agonda, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Palolem, Sinquerim and the other beaches of Goa, the Kovalam, Varkala and Cherai beaches of Kerala, the Havelock , Jolly Buoy and Neil Islands of Andamans, while Kavaratti, Agatti and Kalpeni Island areas of Lakshadweep.

Do visit the iconic backwaters of Kerala, where you can hire a houseboat for romancing, also.

A look at the town through Museums and Parks

The old museums and the wildlife sanctuaries would help any tourist, be it a honeymoon couple, with a proper knowledge, about the place they have come to visit. Goa State Museum, will enable you to see the historical artifacts and sculptures, while the Naval Aviation Museum will give detailed information regarding the battles that the defense forces of Goa have gone through.

You can see old pictures, documents and even bullets, that have been treasured in the museum. The Periyar National Park in Thekaddy is full of natural splendors and gorgeous elephants, through which you can enjoy safari rides as well.

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Port Blair is a perfect place to explore the marine life of Andamans, and also can be enjoyed here is a blissful natural paradise with your partner. A similar marine world is in Lakshadweep as well. This would be a unique experience on your honeymoon.

Take a walk in the spice plantations

The Ponda district of Goa, and Murikaddy of Kerala, cherish their brilliant fields of spice plantations, where you can take romantic walks with your partner, and because of being less crowded, the places will suit the fancy of the honeymooners as well.

Temples in India Take some divine blessings

Goa's famous Shantadurga Temple, is a major tourist attraction, and its brilliant structure makes it a huge spectacle for the people. The architecture is based on pyramidal roofs and amazing dome, while the pillars and floors are made of Kashmir stone.

Kerala is place of pilgrimage for all communities like Hindu, Muslims and Christians. The popular Shri Padmanabha Temple and Subramanya Swamy Temple are huge temples for Hindu while St. Mary's church and Palayam Pally, Jamat Mosque are other popular religious places. These temples are good for honeymooners to seek some divine blessing, while also of great art value.

Adventure and Activities :

These coastal areas are a honeymoon paradise, where the locales would be as charming as the adventure is thrilling, which these places offer. The various beaches and sea side offer numerous beach and water sports like beach volleyball, diving, paragliding, jet skiing and water motor biking.

These water sports will give you the necessary thrill. On the name of simple and less dangerous activities, you can hire the beach beds and snacks from the beach shacks, and simply sprawl yourself along the coastline. While cruising silently on the river body would be an extremely romantic experience.

You can also hit the casinos, pubs or discos, during night time, while in Goa, and dance the whole night out with your partner. Do try the mocktails and cocktails available on the beaches, and even coconut water and Goa's exclusive feni.

You must explore the emerald lagoons of Lakshadweep and see the coral reefs and limestone caves of Andamans. These will make a perfect beach day for you both.


Shopping in India Collecting souvenirs and cherishing them for a long period is always the best thing you can do, post honeymoon.

A holiday at a brilliant destination is worth collecting memories, so shop till you drop, in the local markets of these places, to make a lovely collection of your golden memories. You can rummage the flea market on the beach sides, and shop for various handicrafts.

Other items that you can buy are, cashew nuts, carved furniture , brass ware, hand painted ceramics from Goa; the best spices, handloom and traditionally spun fabrics from Kerala; coconut eateries from Lakshadweep; and antique tribal jewelery from Andamans, while handicrafts can be bought at almost all the markets and emporiums in the town.

If you plan your honeymoon trip, not exactly in the same way as this, but inspired from this, you are most definitely going to have a wonderful December honeymoon in the Southern coastal lands of India.

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