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Honeymoon in February

Honeymoon in India, gives you an opportunity to experience, not only the exotic destinations of the country but you can also taste the different flavors that different seasons bring.

With February, you can see the winters saying adieu to everyone, and a honeymoon in this season is an absolutely enjoyable affair, as you can roam around any place without feeling too hot or too cold, and hence a perfect season for the love birds.

Though you can have a honeymoon in any place during this month, there are still a few destinations, that will brighten the colors of a passing winter, and will make your days a perfect vacation.

The western desert land of Rajasthan is a perfect place during this month, as the summers make the sand too hot to enjoy, comfortably in the day. And you can also go to the land of beaches in the southernmost islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

The Best Honeymoon Attractions:

A Royal Trip to Rajasthan

Royal trip to Rajasthan A February honeymoon to Rajasthan would be a wonderful experience, as the land has a royal cadence, a historical splendor of Rajput and Mughal lifestyle, riches and architecture, that will make things magical for you both.

Take a visit to the various palaces, forts, and buildings made by kings of Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and so on. Stay at a luxurious Heritage hotel, though economic options are also there, and have a honeymoon like kings and queens.

The Lakes of Rajasthan vs the Beaches of Andaman

Both the places have wonderful options in terms of water bodies, and if you have a penchant for watery things, choose either of them as your honeymoon destination in February.

The month, with its light winters would not make things inconvenient for you. You will be able to check out the exquisite lakes, lake palace, and gardens of Udaipur in Rajasthan , with as much ease and fun, as you will stroll around the magical islands and beaches of Andamans , with their coral reefs and emerald green water. Have a very serene and beautiful honeymoon here, in the lovely weather of February.

The Exclusive Wildlife

Rajasthan is big in its number of wildlife sanctuaries and parks, like the popular Ranthambore, Keoladeo, and Sariska Tiger Reserve. You will be able to get acquainted with the amazing wildlife of Rajasthan here, and have an adventurous experience on your honeymoon.

While in Andamans you can take a deep insight into the marine life of the island place, as the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, would display all the fishes, creatures and flora of this marine land.

Take some divine blessings

You are on a honeymoon with your wife or your husband, wouldn't you want to thank God for such a lovely partner, who has made your life so romantic and full of love!

Why to think then, take a visit at some religious places of Rajasthan , which are equally praised for their architectural value. The iconic Dilwara Jain Temples of Mount Abu, Lakshmi Narayan temple at Jaipur, and the Brahma Temple at Pushkar, all of them are famous tourist places as well.

The February weather would add to the charm of traveling.

Other specialities

Honeymoon in Andamans When you are going to a different place for honeymoon, make sure you enjoy all the best places of the destination. You will not have to worry about weather disruptions in these places, as February is a month of enjoyment in Rajasthan and Andaman.

You must take a visit to the Saw Mill of Andamans, for seeing wood processing, which will give you a purely rustic experience, while you can also take a look at the Anthropological Museum for a cultural look at the tribes and their handicrafts and art pieces.

You must also be a part of the Desert Festival at the Sam Sand Dunes of Thar Desert near Jaisalmer, when the entire desert land is lost in celebration, gaiety and mirth. Do not miss out on this festival on your February honeymoon to Rajasthan.

Adventure and Activities :

There's a lot to do on your honeymoon trip to these places, as both the destinations are professionals in entertaining their guests, and making their stays a memorable experience.

  • In Rajasthan you must take a camel safari in the desert land while the folk singers will be singing somewhere in the background in the enchanting place, and you should also take a jeep or elephant safari in the wildlife parks here.

  • In the night, camp out in the open lands with the aid of professionals or resort owners. Get your hands painted by the local henna pattern makers. Jaipur offers hot air ballooning for recreation to the tourists, try your joint take on that.

  • While in Andamans the mind blowing ocean literally beckons to you, through its exotic ship cruises which are luxurious and very convenient for honeymooners. On the beaches you can try so many things on the name of recreation, as many water sports are the games, tourists prefer here.

  • You can go on a diving trip with your partner and see the under water world, while water skiing, snorkeling, speed boating are some other games you can enjoy. The February month will make the water and water lands, both extremely pleasurable.


Honeymoon in Andamans From your honeymoon, you cannot return bare hands. On the name of memorabilia, you have got to shop for some souvenirs, while other shopping is for your preference.
  • Shopping in Rajasthan is a true shopper's delight, with its colorful outfits, bangles, antique jewelery, artistic pottery and handicrafts. You can buy the famous tie and die odhnis for your wife, while gift your husband a traditional elaborate turban for fun.

  • In Andamans shopping is not as enjoyable as in Rajasthan, as there are few markets and less traditional items. But you have a variety of antique jewelery , especially tribal , that you can buy as a memory of your Andaman trip. And you can also buy the handicrafts, the sea shell crafts from the pace.

Honeymoon tips for destinations in December:

On these destinations you should follow certain tips so that you go fully prepared for your honeymoon trip, and do not face any unacquainted problems in a new land. Take a look.

Packing Tips

  • While doing the packing, always carry something that you can just wrap from above, to keep yourself from sudden weather change. Carry a couple of shawls, shrugs, and scarves. Though the places require you to be dressed as light as possible.

  • Andaman will be a typical tropical coastal land, and pack your stuff like any other beach trip, with T shirts, capris, skirts, shorts and cotton shirts; while hats, sun shades and sun block would be must.

  • Rajasthan is going to be a little cooler than that, especially in the night. So prepare your luggage according to that, but pack light and less bags. Also pack extra inner garments, proper foot wears, toiletries, firs aid, sewing kit and medicines.

Planning Tips

  • Plan each and every thing in advance and make best arrangements of accommodation, travel, touring , through best agents, packages, guides and consultants.

  • Plan a comfortable and luxurious honeymoon for your partner and impress him or her, through your arrangements and thoughtfulness.

Romantic tips

What is a honeymoon without romance and your own sweet gestures! Whatever the travel agent will do, let them, you plan your own surprises for your partner, like,

  • Plan a romantic cruise night, with champagne, brilliant sea views and star gazing

  • Plan a bon fire night, on the cool sand of the deserts.

  • Have a spa session with your partner, in the hotel health centre and enjoy a relaxing time together.

  • Arrange a musical candle light dinner by the pool or on the terrace, with violin players igniting the romantic flames.

  • Sneak out from your hotel room in odd hours and enjoy a private walk with her, on the shining deserts of Rajasthan or breezy beaches of Andamans.

All these facilities and planning will sound exciting to you right! Then why not try them and help yourself making a romantic memorable February honeymoon.

Last updated: Dec 26, 2012
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