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Honeymoon in January

India offers a variety of places for honeymooners, where they can have a private time and yet enjoy a holiday destination. In the month of January, the weather in India is cold, and the temperature varies from 0 degrees to 25, depending on area to area.

If you are planning a honeymoon in January, you would not want to shut yourselves indoors because of the cold or snow, neither you would like to wrap yourselves in woolen clothing.

It is a time you need to relax, and hence a place where you could enjoy each other's company as much as the locales, best attractions and a romantic weather, is an ideal choice for honeymoon.

For honeymoon in January, you can avoid the extremely cold hilly places of Northern India, but do not loose heart as the country is big on hill stations.

So this winter season, try the hill stations of the Southern lands or the coastal places, as the temperature there, will be undoubtedly more enjoyable than the snow laden hills of Kashmir, Shimla or Manali.

You can pick any hill station from south, like Munnar and Kumarakom in Kerala, Coorg and Mysore in Karnataka, Mahabaleshwar in Mumbai and the Western lands of Mount Abu.

The Best Honeymoon Attractions:

The hill tops and echo points

For honeymooners, one of the best experience would be to spend time in some serene location, with nothing but hills in view and beautiful sunsets.

There are various peaks and hill tops form where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire town, like Anamudi Peak and Echo Point in Munnar, Chamundi Hills of Mysore are mesmerizing and here you can also take a look at the Chamundi Hill Temple.

Mount Abu's Guru Shikhar peak is also as enthralling as the others. Enjoy the unintruding moments with your partner here.

The waterfalls and river sides

Have you ever imagined taking a stroll along a river bank or dipping your legs in a lake; you can surely enjoy this with your partner, in the lovely lake sides of Southern regions, like the Talakaveri in Coorg, which is a splendid spot to enjoy river Kaveri's origin.

There are also many brilliant waterfalls like Iruppu and Abbey. You can also visit the power house Chinnakanal waterfalls of Munnar.

The iconic Kumarakom backwaters

Kerala is most popular for its romantic backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom. You can take your partner on a houseboat trip, from Alleppey to Kumarakom while seeing various river side villages, and sights.

These backwater cruises will most definitely give you an amazing time. You can also try boating at Venna Lake in Mahabaleshwar and Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, which are usual picnic spots of their regions.

Palaces and Temples

While on a honeymoon trip in India, you must take a look at the architecturally exotic temples, palaces and forts of the places you are visiting.

Mount Abu is the best place for such a task, as the beautiful Jain Dilwara Temples are a popular tourist spot.

You can also take a look at the Achalgarh Fort and Ambika Mata Temple in Mount Abu, dedicated to goddess Durga.

While in Mysore you should not miss the Mysore Palace and its brilliant lighting. Also check out the medieval architecture of St. Philomena's Church in Mysore.

The splendid plantations

You might have seen in Indian movies, the enchanting plantation scenes where hero and heroine are dancing and singing in the fields; yes you can create such a scene for yourself, by clicking various pictures in the plantation estates of these regions.

The strawberry and mulberry plantations of Mahabaleshwar are as beautiful as the tea plantations of Mattupetty in Munnar.

Adventure and Activities :

These amazing places will give you various options for recreational activities that you can try on your honeymoon for some change.

No doubt you will spend a lot of time, relaxing in your resort, hotel or houseboat, but do not miss out on things you can enjoy here, as it's not everyday that you come on a honeymoon.

Go up the hill on a trekking with your partner or hire a pony and gallop upwards. In the lake sites and river banks you can enjoy a boating session.

In the backwaters you can try angling and canoeing as well, which is much fun. In Coorg wildlife parks you can enjoy an elephant ride and enjoy boating and swimming in the lake.

Mount Abu also give you opportunities for horse riding and sight seeing. Click lovely pictures of the sceneries and you two together, and cherish the memories.


On your honeymoon, shopping is one of the most important aspect, as it will give you something tangible for memories.

Various places offer various traditional specialties and souvenirs that you can collect. Do not forget to buy:

  • In Munnar you can shop for earthen and brass utensils, exclusive tea packages

  • Antiques, jewelery, bamboo canes, camel-bone carvings, decorative items made of coconut shells, grass mats, hand woven textiles in ethnic prints, metal ware, wood carvings and aromatic spices from Kumarakom

  • Spices like cardamom, pepper and honey, silk sarees and Tibetan artifacts from Coorg

  • The popular strawberries of Mahabaleshwar is a must buy item, while the leather goods can also be bought

  • Wooden, metal and marble structures, stone articles, glass or lac bangles, kota saris, and the light weighted Jaipuri quilt, are some things you can buy from Mount Abu

  • Silk sarees, and sandalwood carvings are the USP of Mysore.

January honeymoon destinations include a variety of options. Some of the options are mentioned below:

Top Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon tips for destinations in December:

While planning a honeymoon, you need to take care of a lot of things, from your health to your possessions. Make a structured plan and follow these tips to make your honeymoon a success.

Packing Tips

You must pack the right kind of clothes , according to the weather of the place you are going.

  • If you are going to any of these places, then you need to prepare yourself for light chill, as the month of January make these places little cooler, though not exactly freezing, because of their proximity to the coasts.Pack light sweaters, shawls and cardigans for night time.

  • For the hills and such pathways pack proper shoes or sneakers, so that the climbing doesn't bother you.

  • Pack your first aid and usual medicines as well and do not forget to carry a camera or handy cam to capture all the memories.

Planning Tips

  • You need to make sure that the place you are going to, is good on all the options you have been counting on, and then arrange for a comfortable accommodation.

  • Plan out a honeymoon package , which is offered by various travel agencies, that arrange your accommodation and also guide you in various other things.

  • With accommodation you can also make plans for a perfect itinerary and your budget, so that unexpected problems do not come your way.

Romantic tips

To make your honeymoon more special, try different romantic tips, to surprise your partner and use your creativity for the same.

  • Book a romantic houseboat cruise for a night

  • A candle light dinner would do wonders, to your love

  • Plan a musical night, with some violinist playing by your dinner table

  • An ayurvedic session in Kerala would also be a special time for yourselves

  • A swimming session in the pool of your resort.

Try unique places and unique things, so that you will have the most wonderful honeymoon, in India in the month of January.

Last updated: Dec 26,2012
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