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Best Honeymoon Destinations in July

According to traditional belief, July is considered to be the least interesting month of the year. However, contrary to this in the modern day, instances are not rare when people simply pack their luggage and set out for an adventurous vacation. Consequently, July is not just about dried-up brooks and parched earth sluggish in need of a few drops of cool water.
July is the seventh month of the year and considered to be the warmest month in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere and the coldest month in some parts of the Southern Hemisphere. It is the seasonal equivalent of January and is extremely cold in the Southern Hemisphere. In some parts of the world this month marks the National Anti-boredom and the hitchhiking month. So whether you set off with a planned vacation in mind or hitchhike on an adventure-trip, July is a great month for an exciting honeymoon. The following are some of the best destinations for a romantic getaway in July.

Pahalgam, located in the mountains of Jammu & Kashmir, is one of the most popular vacation stops in India. Its pristine and natural beauty has helped Pahalgam to evolve as a favorite movie-shooting destination in India. Apart from being a hill station, it is also a coveted recreational resort and once you are there, don’t forget to visit the Tulian Lake and the Lidder valley. Also participate in adventurous sports like horse riding, golf, trekking and many water games. If honeymoon is on the cards and you need a breather from the oppressive summers then Pahalgam couldn’t be more perfect a destination for your dream getaway.

Chamba, an unpolluted and pristine hill town in Uttarkhand, is popular for its celestial beauty. Located in the Tehri district of the Garhwal region, Chamba is easily accessible from Delhi and Missouri. Chamba shares common boundaries with Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, and Pauri, owing to its strategic location. Stretches of dense pine and deodar forests, invigorating hues of the sunset, unscathed and awe-inspiring sights together create an ethereal experience, captivating and memorable forever. Visit Chamba in July, which acts as a perfect getaway from the mundane responsibilities of the concrete world.

Pangong Tso is an endorheic, salt water lake situated in the Himalayas that stretches from Jammu & Kashmir in India to Tibet. Although it is a saltwater lake, it freezes completely during the winter. The route to Pangong Tso, pass through magnificent valleys and the Changla Pass, which is also the third highest in the world. While you are at the Pangong Tso, don’t miss the Changla Pass and the military camps. You can easily reach there by boarding a flight to Delhi or by train to the nearest railway station at Jammu & Kashmir. July heat would seem less oppressive amidst the snow-capped mountains and the beauty of the shimmering Pangong Tso Lake.
Last updated : January 28, 2016