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Honeymoon in Winter

In the month from November to March, the climate in the country is mainly cold, some places in the north, in fact, witness heavy snowfall. For a winter honeymoon in India there are broadly two kinds of vacation options – the destinations having warm climate during the winter season and the destinations where you want to experience snow and winter sports or somewhat snow adventure activities.

So if your idea of honeymoon, is to roam around in the town with your partner and enjoy the locales, then you must go down south to the coastal areas, where the tropical climate will keep you from wrapping yourselves in layers and layers of woolen clothing.

You can go to the splendid beaches of Goa, the mangroves and backwaters of Kerala, the coral reefs of Andamans and the beautiful lagoons of Lakshadweep Islands, where a honeymoon time will be the most romantic experience of your life, and the weather in December will add wonders to that romance.

Romantic Honeymoon in Hill Stations

Honeymoon in Delhi Amongst the best honeymoon destinations in India, hill stations deserve a mention. Top honeymoon hill stations in India are located on picturesque sites that further help you with peaceful environment and ample relaxation. Honeymoon packages in India comprises of a variety of fun filled activities such as trekking, rock climbing, skiing, cycling, and camping in attractive locales. Hill station honeymoon destinations include a variety of options. Some of the options are mentioned below:

Romance in Peaks
Shimla Darjeeling Manali
Kodaikanal Ooty Leh-Ladakh
Shillong Mussoorie Gulmarg

Exotic Island and Beaches

Honeymoon in Delhi A honeymoon in the southern coasts, is not only limited to watching sunsets on beaches and sipping exotic drinks, there is so much heritage and many amazing places to see, and kill the monotony from your honeymoon. Once on the coastal areas, there won't be any place where you will not get to see the sprawled out beaches. Couples enjoying with their partners, while trying water sports, or just a relaxing time, these beaches are a wonderful source of romance in your honeymoon.

These coastal areas are a honeymoon paradise, where the locales would be as charming as the adventure is thrilling, which these places offer. The various beaches and sea side offer numerous beach and water sports like beach volleyball, diving, paragliding, jet skiing and water motor biking. Coastal honeymoon destinations include a variety of options. Some of the options are mentioned below:

Romance in Island and Beaches
Goa Mumbai Lakshadweep
Kovalam Andaman & Nicobar Daman & Diu

Honeymoon in Plains/Deserts

Honeymoon in Delhi You can truly add colours to your honeymoon by witnessing the beauty of exotic deserts, flowing rivers, majestic forts, adventurous jungles and divine places of worship. You can try out some of the best regional dishes or pay obeisance at various Temples, Dargahs or Gurudwaras. You can witness historic cities and also the modern ones. We know how important your honeymoon is for you and you want to make it special. To help you choose the best honeymoon destination; given below is a list of some of the best honeymoon spots:

Romance in Plains/Deserts
Delhi Agra Jaipur
Dehradun Mysore Jim Corbett
Mumbai Sikkim Udaipur

Honeymoon tips for destinations in Winter:

While preparing for a honeymoon trip, you always need to be thorough with your arrangements, so take care of all the essential tips and have a memorable time on your honeymoon.

Packing Tips

Considering the beachy and sandy locations, and the tropical and humid weather, even if you are planning a December honeymoon in these coastal lands, don't expect that you will be required to carry winter clothing with you.

A side shawl would do in case of emergency or night strolling, but the remaining times, the weather is going to suit your liking. You can pack T shirts, cotton shirts, wrap around skirts, and bermudas. Do not forget to carry comfortable flip flops to enjoy the beach water.

Sunblocks, sunshades and hats would also be very convenient. Your first aid and usual medicines is a must thing to pack.

Planning Tips

Make proper plannings of your honeymoon through perfect tour package, accommodation, travel agent, tourist guide and other smaller things. Without these your honeymoon would not be as comfortable and smooth as it should be.

From budget to itinerary, plan out everything before starting your journey, and it is better if you do everything by taking help from professional travel experts.

Romantic tips

Besides all these materialistic plannings on your part, you can always plan something special for your partner, to make your honeymoon even more special. There are few romantic tips to spice up the romance on your trip:

A candle light dinner on the roof top of your resort,
A special night, waltzing in your resort room. Choose your own music, or call professionals.
A ship cruise on the Arabian.
A massage session for both of you, or rather play the masseur for him or her.
A beach stroll or a water sport, together.

If you plan your honeymoon trip, not exactly in the same way as this, but inspired from this, you are most definitely going to have a wonderful December honeymoon in the Southern coastal lands of India.
Last updated : January 28, 2016