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Honeymoon in Amarnath

Visiting pilgrim destinations for honeymoon is never out of trend and demand. Why? Explore adventurous-rugged terrains and reaching out to high perched temples passing by an impassable route defines one of the most exciting honeymooning ideas for the youngsters; which makes holy pilgrims one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations. Like many other shrines, Amarnath Cave is also frequented by many newlywed couples every year. Holding each other’s hands, couples readily go for trekking uphill on such thrilling height to visit and pray before the Amarnath Shiv Linga, with a desire in heart to spot the fabled immortal doves.

Honeymoon Attractions in Amarnath

Sited atop an imperial height of around 4000m above sea level, resides the inimitable holy shrine of Amarnath. Amarnath, the cave temple of the immortal god, Lord Shiva; is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrims. The ice cave derives its holiness from the legend that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati have both done years of austerity in this cave and the Shiva Linga (Ice Linga), which naturally re-appears every savaan, was actually formed by Mata Parvati herself.

It is said that the way to reach Lord Shiva is always difficult; Mansarovar and Amarnath yatras are the most evident exemplar to this fact. The impassable path and restricted pilgrim access makes the journey even more desirable, like all other precious and difficult to attain things. The route to Amarnath is as thrilling, so is it also serene and tranquil. You would feel a soulful peace and bliss inside your heart all the way and inside the shrine, all thought and words cease to exist.

Amarnath cave is situated in the Anantnag district of Kashmir valley and the main attractions of the shrine location include:

Other must to visit attractions of the Anantnag district are:

Amarnath yatra route passes by various scenic locations of Kashmir, while many other romantic honeymoon places of Kashmir are also not too far off. The best honeymoon spots to must to visit on your Amarnath yatra include:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Amarnath

Best hotels to check in, on your Amarnath honeymoon trip, are:

Best Time to Visit Amarnath

Yearly Amarnath yatras are held, every year, during the holy month of Shravan, which is specially and devotionally associated with Lord Shiva. Thus, July-August is the time to go for the splendid honeymoon trip featuring holy and exciting Amarnath yatra.

How to Reach to Amarnath

Air: Out of the two airports of Jammu and Srinagar, Srinagar airport is the most convenient and nearest to the cave location.
Rail: Jammu railway station is the nearest railhead leading way towards Amarnath.
Road: Road route via Jawahar tunnel connecting Kashmir valley to Jammu and further with the rest of the country leads way to Amarnath route as well.

What Things to Carry to Amarnath

Things to pick and carry with you to Amarnath:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Amarnath yatra is an exclusive trip which takes place during the month of July-August, and the bookings start as early in the month of April.

Last updated : January 13, 2016