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Honeymoon in Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu, is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and one of the most popular tourist destination in India.

Coorg or Kodagu, is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and one of the most popular tourist destination in India.

The natural beauty and peaceful surroundings provide a very relaxing time to people, and precisely for this reason, it has become a very popular destination amongst the honeymoon couples as well.

Far away from the crowded and monotonous life, the newly married couples enjoy a blissful time here, while making memories of a life time.

Honeymoon Attractions in Coorg

The source of the Kaveri river on a hill, near Bhagamandala in Coorg, this spot is one of the most popular in the entire hill station. There is also a temple nearby dedicated to Lord Brahma, making it a place of pilgrimage also. The honeymoon couples frequently visit this place, as Lord Brahma's temples are very rare, not just in India but in the entire South Asia, and also because of the beauty of the place.

This is an island formed by the Kaveri river, and is a bright picnic spot for tourists.

Abundant with thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees, the island is surrounded by Kaveri river, where boating provisions are available, in the shallow water, so while you will be able to appreciate the nature around you, you can also enjoy a boat ride with your partner.

Elephant ride is a huge attraction in the island. There are also guest houses and cottages available in the vicinity for tourists.

Iruppu Falls
In the Brahmagiri range of Coorg, these are fresh water falls, surrounded by forest ranges and plenty of wildlife. The famous Rameshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva , draws huge tourist attraction to this quiet place.

Abbey Falls
In the town of Madikeri, these waterfalls coming down from the mountains of the Western Ghats, merge into Kaveri. The beautiful falls are situated between coffee plantations and spice estates enhancing the view of the site. There is also a temple nearby, dedicated to Goddess Kali and thus bringing a little crowd, otherwise the place is quite isolated and silent.

Wildlife Camps
An elephant camp called Dubare, situated along the banks of Kaveri, is a wonderful site for honeymoon couples, as you can enjoy an elephant ride, rafting, fishing and trekking in the places around. You can also visit Nagarahole National Park, 94 kms from Mysore, for its rich forests, wildlife, streams and beautiful valleys. Along with tigers and elephants, you will be able to see the giant male Gaur in the park.

In the upstream stretches of River Kaveri, this pilgrimage area in Coorg, draws lot of devotees, In the nearby place, where three rivers Kaveri, Kanika and Sujyothi meet and forms a triveni, many devout people take a holy dip into the water. There is Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple nearby, dedicated to Lord Ganesha and various other temples. Mt. Thavoor, a towering peak provides a panoramic view of the entire range and offers trekking options.

Adventure in Coorg

At various tourist spots you will be able to find fantastic scope for adventurous activities like boating, and fishing in the lakes, rafting in the rivers, elephant rides in the parks, and trekking in the mountain ranges and thereby providing you a complete package of adventure as well as romance in the beautiful landscapes of Coorg.

Shopping in Coorg

Like any other tourist place you will be able to find typical souvenirs from this place also to buy as memorabilia of a golden time spent together with your partner. Buy the best Indian cardamom, pepper and honey from the exquisite plantation areas. You can also buy natural oranges, amazing tea and coffee packages from here. The Kushal Nagar Market, would offer you some Tibetan artifacts and souvenirs. You can even pick up some special Coorg silk sarees for gifting purposes.

Coorg, the Scotland of India, has so much beauty and a promising time to offer you and your new partner, that you won't be able to escape from the tempting call, that the charming place beckons to you.
Last updated : January 14, 2016