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Honeymoon in Hampi

Honeymoon in Hampi, in the midst of historic ruins of the Vijaynagar Empire. A land that reverberates with sagas of love and war, Hampi in Karnataka, South India has been labeled as a world heritage site.

Spend a delightful honeymoon with a rich cultural and historical heritage forming the backdrop. Architectural glory and magnificent ruins offer you a surreal ambience steeped in tranquil mist.

A sense of togetherness envelops you as you tour the attractions of wind swept Hampi, that is a tiny village and was the seat of the great Vijaynagar Empire in the past. Honeymoon in Hampi as you shop for crafts at the Hampi bazaar, tour Vitthala temple, Achyutarya temple, Virupaksha temple, Archaeological Museum and the splendid ruins of the royal fort.

Honeymoon tours in Hampi recreate ethnic magic that somehow weaves its enchanting spell on you. Discover the true meaning of togetherness and devotion as you honeymoon in a land steeped in history.

Honeymoon in Hampi Hampi is comfortably accessible. The nearest railhead is located at Hospet and regular bus services connect Hampi, Karnataka to Gulbarga, Badami, Bijapur, Aihole and Bidar. Stay at the local hotels and enjoy the mush need privacy. Picnic near secluded spots and make your beloved feel special as you honeymoon in delightfully romantic Hampi in Karnataka, South India.

Tour Sravanbelgola and eat at some of the most exotic vegetarian restaurants as you honeymoon in Hampi, Karnataka, South India.

Honeymoon Attractions in Hampi

While visiting the ruins of the royal fort you must not miss to see the Zenana Enclosure, the Stone Doors, Elephant Stable, Queen’s Bath, etc. Capture the captivating crimson beauty of rising and setting sun over the relics of Hampi from the Matanga Hills

Other names amongst the best honeymoon spots to must to visit to during your Hampi honeymoon vacation would include Mahanavami Dibba, Talarigatta Gate, Monolith Bull, Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Hazara Rama Temple, Underground Temple, Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple, Lotus Palace, Virupaksha Bazaar, Vira Harihara Palace, Anegundi Fort, Coracle Crossing, and Courtesan’s Street. If time allows also visit the Badavi Shivlinga, Purandaradasa Mantapa, Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy, Gejjala Mantapa, Hanuman Temple, Ahmed Khan’s Mosque and Tomb, Hemakuta Hill Temples, etc.

To taste a different shade of the Hampi trip go explore the wilderness of Daroji Bear Sanctuary and exhilaration of Tungabhadra Dam. Try a night tour around the Hampi village and feel the enthrallment of quietness and solitude. Far from the hustle and noises of big cities, Hampi is an incredible place to forget you and just fall deep in love. Cherish the solitary yet energetic tranquility of Hampi, bringing forth the perfect intimate mood. Hampi indeed is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations amongst the world heritage sites of India. Far from crowds and far less commercialized Hampi honeymoon is also an interestingly cheap honeymoon destination.

While on your visit to this famous world heritage site, take care of not to smoke or drink around the monuments and do not harm or spoil the monuments by scratching on walls, or climbing on them. Remember it is a treasured heritage of the country and of you, so preserve it so that the generations to come can also witness its grandness rather than just reading about them in textbooks. Also take care of not to wear exposing clothes while visiting the shrines and monuments.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Hampi

Best hotels of the city of Hampi are:

Best Time to Visit to Hampi

The heat of Hampi is too exhaustive and starts getting unbearable with every passing day of summer, post winters to be precise. Thus, the visiting season to Hampi is post monsoon, in winter season when the weather starts getting pleasant. You can plan a trip to Hampi between the winter months of November to February. Though the best time to go to Hampi would be the festive month of Dussehra, between October to November. You can also attend the Hampi Annual Festival which is held in the month of November.

How to Reach to Hampi

Air: Bellary and Belgaum are the two nearest airports, which are connected with Bangalore and Goa through regular flights. Bangalore International Airport is the best air travel destination to travel to Hampi.
Rail: Hospet lying at a close distance of 13km is the nearest rail head from Hampi. Hospet is well connected by regular trains, which makes Hampi accessible from different parts of the country. From Hospet you can further take the road trail to Hampi, your destination.
Road: The preferred way to access Hampi is to travel by roadways. There are ply of buses available from Bangalore, Goa, Hospet, Bijapur, Hyderabad and Hubli to travel to Hampi.

What Things to Carry to Hampi

Your casual shoes must be comfortable and durable as you may have to walk for long hours while exploring Hampi. Your camera will be your best friend in Hampi. Keep an extra pair of batteries, a backpack, a bottle of water, comfortable clothes, sunglasses, skin protection, make-up kit, styling kit, needful medicines and do not forget the mobile, camera changers, etc.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Why not get your honeymoon trip booked in advance and then, relax and enjoy the most precious moments of your life. Call your trip coordinator and reserve your honeymoon tour including the hotel rooms and travel tickets, etc. at least 1 month before your marriage.

Last updated : January 14, 2016