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Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise in Kerala

Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise can be a mesmerizing affair that is hard to describe in words. For the newly weds who associate romance with solitude and picturesque sights can without doubt spend their precious time on Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise. Watch the nearby fishing hamlets pass by, people in their daily activities, colorful flowers all around you, water birds playing with water and star lit sky is the dream Honeymoon Cruise in Houseboat Cruise.

Your journey on Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise will begin as you board the kettuvallams, the traditional Kerala houseboats. The houseboats are made of locally available material such as bamboo poles and coconut ropes. But the interiors of these houseboats are fitted with all the luxurious items that one can think of. Enhancing the pleasures of the Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise is the gourmet food prepared for you by master chefs in front of you and according to your taste. So, get set on Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise for a romantic sojourn that slowly passes all the panoramic places so that your eyes can behold all the beauty that is sees.

Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise takes you on six different Honeymoon Destinations, namely, Alappuzha, Kasargod, Kollam, Kottayam, Kumarakom and Thiruvallam. You have the choice of discovering the hidden jewels of all the seven or just one. Kerala, with more than 900 km of interlinked canals, rivers, lakes, inlets and waterways comprising the Kerala Backwaters, is the place for Honeymoon in Houseboat Cruise.

A cruise through ‘God’s Own Country’ - Kerala!

Kerala, an Indian state situated on the coast of Malabar in south-west India, is one of the most popular vacation spot, highly coveted for its backwater destinations and famous across the world. Bordered by the great Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats in the east, the state also boasts of being the country’s most advanced society, with a 100% literacy rate, world-class healthcare systems and the best quality-life for its populace.

A honeymoon trip to Kerala is incomplete, without spending a languid day sailing across the idyllic backwaters. Coconut and palm fringed placid lagoons and a dreamy sunset is an ideal breather from the mundane responsibilities of the concrete world. Especially a perfect destination for honeymoon, cruising on the Kerala backwaters, offer privacy, luxury and security and are worth every penny you spend. So if you are planning to sail through an enthralling vacation with your life partner by your side, here is a brief insight:

The Backwater Tour:
One of the foremost appeals of the backwater cruise in Kerala is the tour from Allappuzha to the backwoods of Kottayam, Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Alumkadavu, Kollam and Kochi. The voyage is ideal for its natural beauty enhanced by the enchanting greenery and the amiable villagers.

The most famous backwater cruises in Kerala are as follows:
a) The backwaters of Alleppey, aka., the Venice of East
b) The backwaters of Kochi, aka., the Queen of the Arabian Sea
c) The backwaters of Kuttanad, aka., the Rice-bowl of Kerala
d) The backwaters of Kumarakom, aka., the Backwater Paradise
e) The backwaters of Alumkadavu
f) The backwaters of Kottayalam

Best Time to visit: A backwater cruise in Kerala is possible irrespective of the season or the time of the year. However, if you need tranquility and privacy while on your honeymoon, then the ideal time of visit is between August and May. However, consider avoiding December to February, as those are the peak seasons, when chances are that the prices will be high and availability may be scarce.

Duration of Stay: 1 to 7 nights
Major Attractions: Cruise through Kanjipadam, Pallathuruthi, Champakulam and Karumadikuttan; watch the 110ft long snake boat used in the seasonal races; visit the 400-year old Champakulam church; visit the local market, the island temple, Karumadi Kuttan – the 2000-year old statue of Lord Budha; watch fish farming and visit the bird sanctuary and the Vembanad and the Thathampally lakes.

Popular Houseboats

The most popular houseboats of Kerala are the following:

a) The Bright Water Cruise Houseboats ensure that you have a relaxing and a comfortable experience under their supervision. They have mainly three types of houseboats: Luxury, Premium and Deluxe of which some are well-equipped with Jacuzzi and mini pools, apart from the other amenities of a five-star hotel. A leading company, the Bright Water Cruise Houseboats, is certified by the Government of Kerala and offers a refreshing vacation, especially if you are on a honeymoon.

b) The Grandeur Houseboats, a division of the Grandeur holidays, was formed in 2003, with the sole vision to provide superior and quality tour facilities to its customers. They maintain exclusivity and are typically customer-focused, thereby ensuring that your visit is comfortable, exciting and memorable.

c) The Coco houseboats of Kerala fully comply with the safety and service standards laid down by its Government. They also strictly adhere to the government-approved way of disposing the non-biodegradable garbage and thereby ensure that the environment is not polluted or harmed. The Coco houseboats are well furnished with all the amenities of a good hotel.

Types of houseboat

Most of the houseboats of Kerala are typically about 80 feet in length, made of wooden laths and bamboo poles, and joined by coir ropes made from coconut fibres, instead of nails. The boats are painted by a protective coating of black resin produced from the boiled shells of cashew nuts. These houseboats glide over the rippling waves like a leaf and are like the ‘floating fortresses’ on wood.

Primarily, there are three types of houseboats in Kerala: the Deluxe, Premium and Luxury houseboats. These are furnished with all the comforts of a home and the luxurious amenities are worth every day spent aboard. The houseboats have adopted eco-friendly measures and are mostly fitted with solar power, so that a lot of electricity is saved. The toilets functions on biodegradable system and the waste generated is disposed off regularly. Counter measures are also taken to avoid polluting the backwaters. All in all it is a trip worth engraving in your memory forever, as you quietly sail through the serene backwoods enjoying each other’s company under the moonlit sky.

Nearly a thousand houseboats operate in Kerala and are well-equipped with most amenities like television, air-conditioning and hot-water systems, laundry services, excellent food and many more. The boats are well furnished, and offer, on an average two bedrooms or more. Vacation on the houseboats of Kerala is an experience of a lifetime, which is made more convenient by the presence of a home-like ambience aboard. There is no dearth of privacy or luxury aboard and the hygiene is strictly maintained by the crew.
Last updated : January 8, 2016