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Honeymoon in Kovalam

A beach honeymoon is the most romantic and fascinating honeymooning idea, amongst all vacations and trip packages for honeymooners. Talking about honeymooning at Kovalam beach in the pristine land of Kerala! A honeymoon gift for your sweetheart certainly cannot be better than this.

Kovalam is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Kerala. Plan your Honeymoon in Kovalam to see the real natural beauty at its best. Kovalam stands true to its name, which means 'Groves of Coconut'. The sandy beaches of Kovalam are lined with swaying coconut palms under which you can relax and chat with each other, sunbath to get a ravishing suntan or watch the people around you in varied activities on Honeymoon in Kovalam. So Kovalam is right Honeymoon Place in India.

Honeymoon Attraction in Kovalam

Kovalam is not just one single beach but cluster of three beaches lined one after another. Visit the Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach on Honeymoon in Kovalam. Vizhinzam Mosque is worth watching on the Lighthouse Beach. The nearby tourist sights to discover on Honeymoon in Kovalam are Palaruvi Waterfall, Trivandrum, Kollam, Varkala and Thekkady. Honeymoon in Kovalam comprises of usual beach activities such as strolling on the beaches, relaxing under the coconut palms, sunbathing and trying out tempting seafood delicacies. The adventure in the Honeymoon in Kovalam comes from series of water sports such as swimming, water skiing, kayaking and surfing.

Kovalam is also a famous Ayurvedic health center. So pamper your body with the soothing and relaxing Ayurvedic massages. Shopping items at Kovalam include ethnic handicraft, carpets of Kashmir, Rajasthan and Tibet, batik prints, beach mats and leaf paintings that make from interesting souvenirs to take back home after the Honeymoon in Kovalam.

Honeymoon in KovalamMesmerizing natural beauty, tranquilizing peace, mumbling backwater, perching palm/coconut groves and glittering sand beaches; the beauty of Kovalam is as soothing so magnetizing. It quietly steals away your heart and sets the poet/the lover, in you lose to narrate and write odes and parodies admiring the surrounding valleys and plaintiffs. Kovalam is renowned for its scenic beach and backwater, which makes it one of the best places for honeymooning. You would also love to participate in the fun and adventure activities like boat ride, fishing, water sports, etc. Ayurvedic massages, yoga sessions and meditation are one of the specialty of Kerala trips. You can also delight yourself by enjoying cultural programs/shows like Martial Arts, Traditional Dance, etc.

The best known places around Kovalam, where newlyweds love to take a trip to, are Samudra Beach, Hawa Beach, Light House Beach, Ponmundi, and Varkala. Sightseeing around Kovalam is also very delighting. There are various splendid palaces and forts, temples, cave, etc. that you would love to explore. There are endless options for shopping in Kovalam which include souvenirs like sandal wood, rose wood, teak wood, etc. statues or nature-extracted beauty products or ayurvedic products, etc.

Walking on the tickling beaches holding hands of your beloved at the serene sunsets at Kovalam is an experience worth million dollars.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Kovalam

Most romantic places to stay in at and around Kovalam beach in Kerala are:

Best Time to Visit Kovalam

The coastal land of Kovalam is worth and apt to visit in all seasons. The best tourist season at Kovalam is said to be between the months of September to March, when all the lakes and waterfalls are full of water and the pleasant weather offers best views around. Honeymooners looking for solitude can avoid the Christmas time though.

How to Reach to Kovalam

Honeymoon in Kovalam Kovalam beach lies in close vicinity of Trivandrum and thus is well connected with the whole country via various modes of transportation. Airport of Trivandrum, i.e. Thiruvananthapuram Airport is the closest and most convenient from Kovalam and one can easily reach airport from Kovalam hotels via road and vice versa. Trivandrum is a major railway station in the South Railway Zone of Indian Railways and this is well linked by various parts of the country by direct trains/expresses. Nh47 and various other main roads gives way to the road travelers to Kovalam.

What Things to Carry to Kovalam

Pleasant weather and tranquil surroundings, allows you to dress according to your choice and preference. Just remember to keep extra pair of shoes/slippers and sunglasses with you, as often these get washed away with sea waves or people lose them in sand. Do not forget to keep a waterproof bas to protect you camera, mobile, etc. while on sea side. Keep essential medicines, skin block creams, etc. as well with you.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Wasting precious time looking for hotels, travelling arrangements and activities is the last thing you would want to do o your honeymoon. Call your tour operator and book your honeymoon tour at least 1 month before your marriage.
Last updated : January 8, 2016