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Honeymoon in Lakshadweep

Do you want to begin your married life in some exotic tropical paradise, ensconced between luxuriant hills and azure blue seas? If your answer is yes, then Lakshadweep would be your ideal honeymoon destination. Far away from daily urban commotion, the palm-fringed Lakshadweep islands are a veritable paradise of marine wonders. This island destination would sure add spark to your romantic spirit and make your honeymoon a truly memorable experience.

Honeymoon Attractions in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep offers you stretches of silvery sand, soft murmur of the sea, swaying coconut palm trees, warm breeze and the golden cast of the sun. Walking along the long silvery beach with your partner will bring the two of you closer and create a heavenly ambience.

Apart from its natural beauty, Lakshadweep also features a number of historical monuments and architecture. It would be a great idea to visit these sites with your partner to know the place and know each other better in the process. Some of the major tourist spots in Lakshadweep are the Tomb of Hazrat Ubaidullah in Andrott Island, the Buddhist Archaeological Museum and the Lighthouse in Minicoy Island. At Kavaratti, you can visit the Sea Museum or the local dairies and poultry farms. You can also head to see the famous Urja Mosque.

Things to Do in Lakshadweep

The Tropical Islands

About 300 km from the coast of Kerala, Lakshadweep is located in the midst of the Arabian Sea. Encircled by lagoons, its islands are ideal for a range of water sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surfing and water skiing. Of the 36 existing islands, only 10 are inhabited and open to tourists. You can witness a rich coral and marine life in Kalpeni, fine silvery beaches in Kadmat and the largest lagoon and archipelago in Minicoy.

Adventurous Kavaratti

Visit to Kavaratti, the administrative capital, is one of the defining moments of your honeymoon in Lakshadweep. Agatti has beautiful lagoons and the aerodrome is also located here. The Bangaram Island lets you enjoy myriad outdoor activities like deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, kayaking and snorkelling. Even the most experienced divers around the world have certified the virgin reefs of this island as the best diving place. Even if you are a novice, you can have diving sessions within safe depths.

The Marine World

One of the major attractions of Lakshadweep is the wealth of marine life and large variety of fish. Flocks of oceanic birds will grasp your attention and be a celebration for the eyes. Adventure-loving honeymooners choose this destination for its exotic lagoons and diving spots.

Shopping in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep, being a typical island, does not have lavish shopping opportunities, but it definitely has a great time in store for you. Nonetheless, you can always shop for some souvenirs as memories of your golden time with your partner in the sandy beaches of Lakshadweep. Shop for the local handicrafts made from corals and sea shells. Local stalls offer coconut water and various coconut delicacies.

Where to Stay in Lakshadweep?

The Coral Beach Resort is one of the best in Kalpeni Island. Unwind with your partner and enjoy enchanting views of the sea from your room. Island Holiday Home in Agatti is also a decent place to stay. It has nice, comfortable rooms and a helpful staff.

Places to Eat in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep's cuisine is influenced by that of Kerala to a great extent because of the latter's proximity to the island. Coconut preparations dominate the local menu. The island also serves a variety of fish preparations. In addition to this, there are also a number of international cuisines like Chinese, Thai and Korean dishes on offer. Except in Bangaram Island, alcohol is prohibited across Lakshadweep group of islands.

A romantic vacation in Lakshadweep with your life partner would sure turn all your fantasies of a dream honeymoon into reality. The rustling sound of the palm trees, the roaring waves and the overall ambience of the island would certainly set the right mood for a dream romantic vacation. So, plan your honeymoon in Lakshadweep and create memories of a lifetime.
Last updated : January 7, 2016