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Luxury Honeymoon in Rajasthan

Getting married soon and don't know where to go for the honeymoon? Then worry no more because the Indian state of royalties, Rajasthan, offers you a wonderful honeymoon in its shiny deserts in the lap of luxury.

Luxury Honeymoon in Rajasthan promises not only the scenic beauty but also ample privacy to the newly weds. There are plenty of places to visit and plenty of activities to be done during your luxury honeymoon in Rajasthan. Feel the beauty of the desert and palaces and let it enchant you during your luxury honeymoon in Rajasthan.

Tourist Attractions / Places to visit

Let the honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan work their magic on your marriage.

Let your honeymoon in Rajasthan be an affair to remember by visiting the princely towns of Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Jodhpur.

Things to do:

The best activity during luxury honeymoon in Rajasthan is hearing the love stories of the kings and queens while visiting the Palaces and Museums.

Do go for a Camel Ride or Jeep Safari with your beloved on the Thar Desert in the colorful Rajasthan. Immerse yourself with your partner in the Traditional Festivals and Fairs of Rajasthan. Eat the local food from the traditional markets and fairs, which will be as delicious and healthy as the luxury meals of your royal accommodations.

Other activities that you can indulge during a luxury honeymoon in Rajasthan are horse riding, hot air ballooning and visit to Ranthambore National Park for a little adventure, though the luxury accommodations will also provide an entertainment of its own like the folk dances, polo and golf sport sessions in the lawns, restaurants and bars in the accommodations also. While the women have libraries and henna artists at their disposal.

Where to stay:

If you are worried about where to stay during luxury honeymoon in Rajasthan, then think no more. Rajasthan offers you a wide range of Hotels, Resorts and Palaces ranging from budget, economical and luxurious class to stay. On your Luxury honeymoon to Rajasthan, there are various magnificent options, that you have for your comfortable stay. Take a look:

When on a luxury honeymoon in Rajasthan, you neither have to worry about accommodation nor about entertainment, just welcome a memorable time in the most memorable stage of your married life.

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Last updated : February 1, 2016