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Honeymoon Places in Madhya Pradesh

Endless dreams, fantasies, expectations and desires are associated with honeymoon vacation trips. You tend to choose the most fascinating tourist destination which is serene and quite, which will offer you solace and is equally exciting. And how about adding some tadka of rich heritage and spirituality along with the above credentials? Yes! All of these travel pleasure offered at one place and that epitomic honeymoon destination is Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India.

Madhya Pradesh, mention of this name brings the jingles of the advertisements fresh in your ears and mind:
“Bandar dekha hanthi dekha barashingha or chital dekha…..hindustan ka dil dekha Hindustan ka dil dekha” mentioning the rich wildlife, the famous mogli’s jungle tales, and an interesting highlight of Pachmarhi, Satpura, Satpura, Khajuraho, Bhopal, Gwalior, Bhimbetka, Mandu and all other destinations. This advertisement aced superbly naming Madhya Pradesh as the heart of India, and intrigued masses to head towards MP.

The second advertisement jingle became popular with everyone “MP ajab hai sabse gajab hai….” Creative hand shadowgraphic advertisement and a mention of all the appealing wonders like large number of tigers, Mandu’s ship palace, Gwalior’s Jai Vilas’ chandelier, high rising marble rocks, solace of Sanchi and so on.

Honeymoon in Madhya Pradesh Both of these advertisements fabulously beads the whole state, its natural treasures, pages of history, architectural grandeurs and spiritual zeal; and all that in just 1 minute. Excitement and inclination towards MP has been greatly aroused by these teaser ads sending along the message that if there is so much to say in a 1 minute commercial; how splendid the place actually would be, and what amazing places and things would be there to go to, see and do.

Well the promise and proposition made by these ads are very true. As creative and intriguing are these ads, so incredible and fascinating is this heartland of India. And if you argue that the above credentials don’t have honeymoon appeal. Think again! Plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh and visit the thrilling national parks and chirpy bird sanctuaries there. After safari and natural sightseeing visit the royal grandeurs, palaces, temples, feel the divinity of Ujjain, Sanchi and Omkareshwar. And finally go shopping.

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is not only the heart of Indian landscape, but also is the perfect gateway to the heritage and natural treasures of India. State is incredibly studded with irresistible range of travel appeals, nicely put forth in MP’s tourism advertisements. State of Madhya Pradesh is an epitomic exhibition of incomparable splendors and moods of nature, of wilderness and serenity of nature, of tribal and royal heritage of India, of art and architecture of India, of spiritual values of India and what not. With every road and at every corner you come across a new thrill, a new encounter, a new shade of life and nature which brings along with it a new charm of solitude, serenity, intimacy and romance.

Here is an exhibition of all the treasures MP has to allure honeymooners:-

Ancient Heritage Sites

Turning around in the old gullies, you come across the exoticism and opulence of the bygone eras. Most exquisite and enriched sites to must to visit are:
The list further grows exquisite and elusive with the Khajuraho, Ujjain, Rewa, Khandwa, Khargone, Tikamgarh, Maheshwar, and so on.

Natural Getaways

Unwind yourself in the tranquil and pristine lap of Mother Nature and enjoy the quiet and intimate time with your beloved at the scenic honeymoon spots of Madhya Pradesh. There are a wide range of natural getaways with thriving and elusive shades and moods of nature. Most beautiful and scenic honeymoon places are: To see some of the unseen and unusual moods of nature visit: Give your married life a blissful start by visiting the divine blessed holy shrines of Madhya Pradesh. These shrines are worth visiting not only because of their spirituality, but also because of the legacy and pristinely values they are beholding. The must to visit to list, of these holy destinations include: Other places to visit are Chitrakoot, Maheshwar, Bhedaghat, Mahadeo, Datia, etc.

Adventurous Headways

Honeymoon in Gwalior Exhilarating trails of MP’s forest areas are featured regulars on the specialty TV channels like Discovery and Animal Planet. It is home to rich biodiversity and most elegant wild beasts along with various other species of animals. MP’s wildlife sanctuaries hold a very special position amongst the other national parks of India on account of the fame its Bengal beasts have earned all around the world. Tigers of Bandhavgarh are world’s best individually known and photographed beasts. These tigers are also special because of the unparalleled thrill and chill they send to your bones by walking around freely near the safari jeeps and even marching towards them. Tempted to feel the chill! Visit Bandhavgarh National Park.

You can also visit: Apart from these wildlife and bird lover’s destinations, are thrilling expos of other forms of nature, like: Honeymoon in Bandhavgarh Other enriched places to explore in MP are Sitalamata Falls, Patal Pani, Thincha Falls, Bilhari, Madla Plant Fossil National Park, Bargi Dam, Raneh Rock, Apsara Vihar, Irene Pool, Jalawataran, Sunder Kund, Tridhara, Gomti Kund and Dhaundhar Fall.

And if you are unable to make a pick of the best spots for your honeymoon trip to Madhya Pradesh, here are the leading honeymoon places/attractions of Madhya Pradesh. Have a look at these and choose the perfect place for you or make a perfect combination of destinations:

Shopping at Madhya Pradesh

Handicrafts and fabrics of Madhya Pradesh are very famous and loved among the Indian women. So, why miss the chance while in MP, go out for a shopping fiesta and buy Chanderi, Maheshwari and fine silk and cotton fabrics. You can also shop for home decors like Dokra and other tribal metals ornaments, idols, toys, etc.

5 Reasons to go to Madhya Pradesh for Honeymoon

If you are still doubtful about your thought of planning a honeymoon in Madhya Pradesh, here are 5 reasons that strongly advocate Madhya Pradesh as an ideal honeymoon getaway: Go around explore the heart of India and tell the world 'Maine Hindustan ka Ajab-Gajab Dil Dekha - Madhya Pradesh...'
Last updated :January 14, 2016