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Honeymoon in Bandhavgarh

How about a thrilling honeymoon trip in the wilderness of Bandhavgarh National Park? This world famous tiger reserve is one of the most romantic getaways, a splendid honeymooning spot.

Bandhavgarh! Yes. You remembered it absolutely right, the home of famous celebrity Bengal tigers Sita and Charger and their offspring: Mohini, Langru and B2. Sita and Charger are two prominent names that every wildlife lover from across the world or viewers of Discovery and National Geographic TVCs, would easily relate to and so would they relate to Bandhavgarh. Having seen the documentaries on Sita and Charger’s daily lives, how they mated, their offspring, their descendants, their reign, their rule; there could be nothing more thrilling and exciting for you to have a honeymoon at Bandhavgarh.

Honeymoon Attractions in Bandhavgarh

What makes Bandhavgarh and its tigers so famous when India has so many more wildlife reserves, of Bengal Tigers as well? Well! Bandhavgarh records the highest density of tigers in the whole world and is also famous for the popular tradition of naming tigers like humans, which makes it very exciting for the wild-lovers and tourists to connect with them.Honeymoon in Bandhavgarh Another specialty of Bandhavgarh tigers is that these Bengal Tigers, especially Sita, Charger, Mohini, B2 and Langru have been one of the easily seen and thus filmed tigers. These tigers walk close to the safari jeeps, but have never been reported to harm any.

On your trip to Bandhavgarh, say hello to Bamera (current dominating male) and Kankatti and Pankatti (females).

Inside the park do visit Bandhavgarh Fort, Bandhavgarh Hill, Three Cave Point, Charger’s Point, Sidhbaba Temple, Climber’s Point, Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves, Tala Village, Sita Mandap, Rajbahera, Mahaman Pond, Ketkiha, Bhitari bah, Andheri Jhiria, Ghorademaon and Photographer’s Point. As per your preference you can either take an exhilarating jeep safari ride or opt for an elephant safari and do visit all of these. Also go to the Baghel Museum, Chakradhara National Park, Bhamera Dam, Gharpuri Dam, Shesh Shaiya.

What else to do on your Bandhavgarh honeymoon trip? On your Bandhavgarh honeymoon vacation you can also visit Kanha National Park, Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Panna National Park and Pench National Park.

On account of its tourist popularity and international visitors, the park is provided with fabulous road connectivity, infrastructures and accommodation facilities. There is a place for everyone to stay answering all his needs from high end and luxury hotels to economic and deluxe resorts and jungle lodges.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Bandhavgarh

Best jungle lodge, resorts and hotels of and around Bandhavgarh are:

Best Time to Visit to Bandhavgarh

Located in the central India, Bandhavgarh is a typical Indian wildlife reserve characterized by a verdant forest area and wild trails which gets inaccessible and risky in monsoon. Bandhavgarh remains closed during the four months (July-October) of monsoon, except which you can visit the park any time between November to June. The best time to go to Bandhavgarh would be in the cool months of winters where you would enjoy the morning and day safaris to their best.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Bandhavgarh

Most popular and highly recommended Lonavala hotels and resorts, where you can stay in for your honeymoon are:

How to Reach to Bandhavgarh

Air: Jabalpur is the most preferable and convenient airport around Bandhavgarh from where you can either take a bus or hire a cab to travel by road to your hotel. You can also take a flight to Khajuraho and then head towards Bandhavgarh.

Rail: Katni and Umaria are the two nearest railway stations, of which Umaria is closest to the park. Umaria and Katni both are linked to whole Madhya Pradesh and various other parts of the country. You can also opt to travel to Khajuraho by train and then proceed to your destination.

Road: Taking the route to NH7 and then turning east on NH78, you can easily drive to Bandhavgarh via road. If you are looking for a public transport, there are various interstate as well as private luxurious buses available to take you to Bandhavgarh from Umaria, Gwalior, etc.

What Things to Carry to Bandhavgarh

Must to have things o your Bandhavgarh National Park visit:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Getting your honeymoon bookings done in advance you will have ample of time in your hand to enjoy preparing for your marriage and honeymoon. Make all your travel, tour and excursion related bookings done at least 1-2 months before your trip time.
Last updated : January 14, 2016