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Honeymoon in Bhedaghat

To peace off yourself after the tiresome marriage rituals come to the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh and let go of yourself in the virgin beauty of natural treasure of Bhedaghat. Different from the lush greenery and snowy alpine beauty of Himachal, mesmerizing backwaters of Kerala and serene beaches of Goa; Bhedaghat is one of the most amazing honeymoon places in India. Bhedaghat or Bhairava-Ghat is an incredible showcase of natural splendors and variations.

Honeymoon Attractions in Bhedaghat

Jabalpur is a hot shot for honeymooning in Madhya Pradesh and the spell binding splendor of Bhedaghat is its prominent appeal attracting many couples. What leaves you awestruck and mesmerized in Bhedaghat are the gigantic marble rock-cliffs and spectacle of holy River Narmada in its gorge.

Marble rocks and its gorge is the main attraction of the town. The white marble rocks of Bhedaghat are one of its kinds showcasing the varying moods of nature and its incredibility in different shades. Bearing black and volcano green seams and streaks, beauty of these rocks is at its best in the moonlight night. Rising to an ecstatic height of around hundred feet, the white marbles shine impeccable in the sunrays.Honeymoon in Bhedaghat It seems like that the sunrays are so enchanted by the appeal of beauty of these marble that the rays break apart and disband on them as if to décor them with an incredible shine. The marble cluster here also features pink, blue and white colors. Glittery-shiny gracious marbles with the azure backdrop of sky through a mesmerizing mirror reflection in the river water. Moonlight has its own magical charm on the marble that you would love to enjoy in a romantic boat ride.

Narmada River coyly venerates these high rising marble rocks while flowing through the ravine and as soon as it approaches the fall location, the quiet flow of water turns into a tumult cascade, which will thrill your body as well as soul. The tumult Bhedaghat waterfall is called Dhaundhar Falls, which means smoke filled fall. 10th century Chausath Yogini Temple is also a great attraction of this town. It is one of the only four temples revered to the 64 female yoga deities.

Shopping of soapstone carved statues, shiv lingas and other artifacts is a must to part of the Bhedaghat trip. One interesting fact to be noted here about Holy River Narmada is that its river bed is enriched Banas Shiv Lingas, which are formed naturally.

Must to visit places around Bhedaghat in the Jabalpur district itself are Kanha National Park, Sangam Sagar, Bajnamath, and Rani Durgavati Museum.

‘Do You Know’ facts about Bhedaghat:

Other honeymoon spots that you would love to make a visit to, while on your trip to Bhedaghat, are Gwalior, Khajuraho, Orcha, Jabalpur, Bhopal, and Pachmarhi.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Bhedaghat

Best honeymoon hotels and resorts of Bhedaghat town are:

Best Time to Visit to Bhedaghat

You can plan a visit to Bhedaghat any time between the months of October to April. Centrally located in India, Bhedaghat experiences torrid climatic conditions. Summer and monsoon seasons become unpleasant due to heat and humidity. Post monsoon, the weather starts getting cool and air id dry, which supports you travel around in the day time as well as in nights. Monsoon in the marble rocks and gorge becomes very unpredictable and risky; and is a must to avoid.

How to Reach to Bhedaghat

Jabalpur is the all way gateway to Bhedaghat.

Air: Jabalpur airport is the nearest airport from where you can take bus to your destination or hire a private cab.
Rail: Lying on the direct route of Mumbai-Howrah main rail-line, Jabalpur via Allahabad connects Bhedaghat with rest of the country.
Road: Tourist buses are available to go to Bhedaghat from Jabalpur.

What Things to Carry to Bhedaghat

Pick and pack casuals, accessories, shoes and make-up of your choice. Keep a comfortable shoe for walking on rocks. Your camera, handycam and mobile will be your best friends while at Bhedaghat. Also keep extra batteries, a backpack, sunglasses, skin protection, styling kit, needful medicines and do not forget the mobile & camera chargers, etc.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

An advance booking of travel tickets, hotels rooms, etc. done at least 1 month before your trip will help you have the honeymoon of your dreams.
Last updated : January 14, 2016