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Honeymoon in Gwalior

Honeymoon is the time people look out for solitude, quietness, peace, romance and a magical ambiance full of ecstasy that would make them feel special. What could be a better idea then to go to Gwalior for an ecstatic honeymoon?

Gwalior is a prominent name in Indian history that we come across with, way back in our school syllabuses. Named after the famous sage Gwalipa, the city of Gwalior can be easily related to the colors of Holi, pomp of the Dussehra, opulence of its cultural heritage, nodes of Dhrupad (classical singing), lucrative markets of handicraft, sonnets of bygone eras and the regal splendor.

These riches together make Gwalior a wholesome honeymoon package in India. From the tales of heroic battles to Raja Man Singh to the beauty and gallantry of his queen Rani Mrignayani, to the soulful songs of Tanshukh/Tansen, to the vibrant cultural colors and rich handicrafts have all own our hearts for last many decades. Gwalior is today known for its mills, fabrics, chemicals and handicrafts. It is indeed one of the best honeymoon destinations for those who are looking a cheap/economic honeymoon; though there is no scarcity for luxury in the royal city of Maharajas and great Musicians.

Honeymoon Attractions in Gwalior

Honeymoon in Gwalior For those who are charmed by the fables and tales of past, those who love forts, those who love to get close to the treasure of India – India’s culture, heritage, traditions, customs, festivals, art, and music; for them Gwalior honeymoon trip is the

The historic land of Gwalior has well adapted to today’s cosmopolitan life that offers one of the most fascinating honeymoon vacations. Following is a brief list of the honeymoon attractions of Gwalior:

Ancient Gullies:
  • Gwalior Fort (do not miss to see the Jawhar Kund, Hanthi Pool, etc. there)
  • Suraj Kund
  • Jai Villas Palace
  • Man Mandir Palace
  • Scindia Palace
  • Gaus's Tomb
  • Gujari Mahal
  • Tansen Tomb
  • Teli ka Mandir
  • Sas Bahu ka Mandir
  • Sun Temple
  • Sarod Ghar
  • Kala Vathika and Municipal Museum
  • Phool Bagh
  • Bateshwar Valley
  • Padavali
  • Gurudwara Data Bandi Chhod
  • Chharti Bazzar
  • Tansen Memorial
  • Khwaja Kanoon Sahib ka Dargah
  • Dev Kho
  • Rani Lakshmi Bai ki Samadhi

Modern Gwalior:
Having roamed so much you must be tired, so delight your appetite with the mouth watering cuisines of Gwalior. Take out time shopping at the various bazaars of Gwalior else you would lament later on it having missed the fiesta. Nearby famous honeymoon places, where you can visit while your stay at Gwalior, are:

Sonagiri, Pawaya/Padmavati, Dhoomeshwar Mahadev Temple, Shanichara, Khajuraho, Orcha, Bhopal, Indore, and Shivpuri.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Gwalior

Top honeymoon resorts and hotels of, where you would love to stay in for your honeymoon, are:

Best Time to Visit to Gwalior

Gwalior’s climatic conditions are characterized by extreme of all weathers, especially summer and winter. The summer months are extremely hot with flaring sun rays heating up the city upto maximum of 47-48 degrees. On one hand dropping down below zero, the winter months are freezy. Drizzles of rain only add humidity to the heat of summer, which makes monsoons uncomfortable. Thus, the best time to visit Gwalior is from October to mid-March. This time period also features many colorful festivals of Dassehra, Diwali, Holi, etc., which will make your trip more fun-filled and worth.

How to Reach to Gwalior

Air: Gwalior has its own domestic airport, which is around 8km from the centre of the city.

Rail: Lying on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai rail routes, Gwalior is fairly accessible from all directions and every part of the country, directly or by changing 1-2 trains. Gwalior railway station is an important stoppage for many express and fast trains and a halt for many more.

Road: Agra-Bombay NH 3 passes directly through Gwalior while others like NH 92, 75 and 24 also directs heads towards Gwalior from various parts of the country. This fabulous road connectivity makes Gwalior easily accessible from every part and corner of the state, Madhya Pradesh and further from the whole country. Regular lines of buses ply between Gwalior and various major cities of the country like Delhi, Bhopal, Agra, Khajuraho, etc.

What Things to Carry to Gwalior

Must to carry things to Gwalior:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Boom your desired honeymoon package at least 1 month before your marriage and have a fantastic honeymoon trip. Also book your travel tickets, excursions, etc. at the same time.
Last updated : January 14, 2016