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Honeymoon in Panna National Park

Discover the inimitable bliss of romance in the wild and pristine Panna National Park, when you passion for wildlife meets the coziness of luxurious hotel accommodations. Rocky terrain of Panna trills your heart with lots of excitement and your adrenaline starts gushing in as soon as you approach the park area.

Reason! Traveling down and up, heading towards Panna, the undulating land encircled with lush foliage of Vindhya gives you the feeling of an explorer. The fantasy of you being an explorer who has gone out on an expedition with your beloved in an enchanting unknown land, situated in the virgin lap of nature.

Honeymoon Attractions in Panna National Park

Plan a national park honeymoon in pristinely Panna; which is a famous National Park, a Wildlife Sanctuary and a Tiger Reserve. Fed by enriching streams of Ken River, this forest area is home to many elegant and graceful wild cats and jungle beasts. Many rare and endangered species are being preserved and protected here, which include the Bengal Tigers, the White Tigers, Gharials, Maggarmachhs, etc. You would love the exhilarating wildlife safari tours to the jungles of Panna and nearby areas. You can opt for a morning or evening safari, as per your choice; riding on a jeep or mounting on an elephant. Enjoy the serene sunsets and sunrises in this wilderness. Look out for s like camping, nature walks, trekking, machan sleep-outs, etc.

Get your eyes and soul delighted with a wildlife tour to the Panna National Park. There are numerous exhilarating activities to get indulged into and places to visit to, during your honeymoon trip to Panna, are:

Honeymoon in Panna National Park
Nearby honeymoon sports, both known and unknown, to take a visit to are:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Panna National Park

Best honeymoon hotels and resort of Panna National Park, are:

Best Time to Visit to Panna National Park

Best honeymoon hotels to stay in and around Pench are:

Summer in Panna is very hot and exhausting, though you get the best sightseeing around, while winters are cool and chilly at time at times dropping down to 5-6 degrees. Monsoon is unfavorable and unadvisable for tourist activities and the park also remains closed for this time period. The park remains open between October to June, best time to visit Panna would be in the cool months of winter or upto the month of May, as after that it starts getting very hot.

How to Reach to Panna National Park

Air: Khajuraho airport lies at a close distance of 58-60 km from Panna and thus is the most convenient to get down at and take a taxi further to reach the park.

Rail:Panna is devoid of its own railway station, the nearest terminal to get down at, is Jhansi Railway Station, which is well linked with regular line of trains from various major cities of the country.

Road:Panna being a major tourist drive of the region is well connected by a regular line of tourist-luxury and interstate buses. You can easily get a bus or taxi from various cities like Delhi, Agra, Jhansi, Khajuraho, Indore, etc. to travel to Panna.

What Things to Carry to Panna National Park

To enjoy the best honeymoon in Panna, you must plan your trip well in advance and make a list of what all you want to there and so what all would you need there. Some basic requirements to carry with you would be:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

On your marriage and honeymoon, you want everything to be perfect and go hassle-free. And to ensure that so happens, you need to be proactive. So plan everything well in advance and make advance booking for your mehndi, beauty package, honeymoon package, caterer, etc.; at least 1 month before your marriage.
Last updated : January 15, 2016