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Honeymoon in Kashid Beach and Calangute Beach

Kashid Beach

Anchored around the tranquilizing Arabian Sea and gorged by hummock from either side, beach town of Kashid is an excellent weekend getaway. Clean and open beaches of Kashid displays the beauty of Arabian at its best. What makes the quaint beach town of Kashid so rejoicing, is its heart stealing scenic beauty buffeted by thrilling high waves of Arabian exhibits a magnificent Konkan beauty. And to make the surrounding even more tranquilizing there are lofty range of green mountains, clear blue sea water, refreshing paddy fields and casuarinas. Kashid beach is every aspect justifies being called the best Konkan beach.

Why visit Kashid Beach for Honeymoon?

Long stretch of sun kissed white sand beaches with a mesmeric setting of background which has sea, sky and mountains; exhibits a splendid environment to relax and unwind. The beauty, air and water of the beach town are highly rejuvenating, which makes it an ideal honeymoon getaway.

Calangute Beach

Calangute beach is one of the popular and highly frequented areas of Goa. Bringing together the Goa’s tranquilizing beauty, its heritage & culture with vibrancy of adventure and fun; Calangute is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty and soul of Goa. With the tourist favor factors like splendid hospitality infrastructures; proximity to the transportations terminals (railway station, airport, etc.) and other tourist places of Goa; and various recreational facilities, Calangute acts as a highly preferred base to stay for the tourists.

Why visit Calangute Beach for Honeymoon?

There can be nothing more exotic and romantic, then visiting the queen of beaches, Calangute beach for your honeymoon vacation.

Last updated : January 20, 2016