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Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar

A romantic hill station and a slight drizzling climate; the beauty of the nature around and the company of your newly wed partner, what could be a better picture for a honeymoon. The newly wed couples await this period of time with great enthusiasm, so choosing the proper destination for this well awaited holiday becomes a must.

Hence, considering this beautiful and romantic place for your honeymoon would be an ideal choice.In the state of Maharashtra, this small city, in the Satara District, serves as a perfect getaway for the honeymooners.

Tourist Attractions/Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Besides being a popular holiday spot, Mahabaleshwar has garnered a lot of accolades lately as a honeymoon destination and even pilgrimage site. You can have a look at what are the major attractions this destination is offering you.
  • The Mahabaleshwar Temple
    A famous temple in Gokarna, this is dedicated to Lord Shiva, as his linga has been established in the temple, which draws a lot of tourist attraction. The temple is facing the beach of the Arabian Sea and thereby making it a hot spot for picnic as well.

  • Panchgani
    Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar This is a nearby hill station from Mahabaleshwar, which is extremely loved by honeymooners for its lovely weather, and hence including it in the itinerary for Mahabaleshwar. This small hill range constitute some exquisite hill tops providing a nice view and light forest areas to spend a quiet, serene time with your partner.

  • Plantations
    Mahabaleshwar is famous for its mesmerizing strawberry and mulberry plantations. Honey is also another richest produce here. But one can visit the exotic farms to have a real raw taste of these fruits. The owners of the farms sell their produce and even offer the fruits to taste, along with cream. So go to the farms and have an extremely natural treat.

  • The Venna Lake
    One of the favourite tourist attractions in the entire Mahabaleshwar, this lake gives a majestic view, surrounded on all sides by innumerable trees. There are provisions for a twilight boat ride on the lake, giving a perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon or a horse ride along the lake side.

  • Other Sights
    You can take a visit to the Mount Malcolm, a popular site for its buildings and architecture, or the Holy Cross Church, an old Roman Catholic Church. Visit the Pratapgarh Fort, the pride of Maratha Empire, 24 kms away from Mahabaleshwar. It is famous for its ponds, chambers and dark walkways.

Adventure for Honeymooners

In the Venna lake, you can have a lot of adventure with your partner, while boating in the mesmerizing water or riding a horse along the banks of the lake, or simply strolling around together while enjoying the view. You can also go trekking on your own and explore the unacquainted areas of the Hill station.


Like any other place, you can find some or other baubles to cherish as a memory of your trip to Mahabaleshwar. So visit the local markets and shop for the leather goods and tribal trinkets that you can find in the antique shops. And apart from them a lot of famous delicacies you can also buy like pickles, jellies, marmalades, jams, made of strawberries and raspberries.

How to Reach

  • By Air: Pune and Mumbai, are the nearest airports at 120 and 260 kms respectively.

  • By Rail: Satara Railway station at 58 kms, Veer(Konkan) Railway station at 70 Kms, and Pune Station at 120 kms.

  • By Road: The city is very well connected by roadways; Mumbai, Pune, Sangli, Satara, Bangalore, all have direct route to the City.

Have a very earthy and rustic honeymoon in the hills of Mahabaleshwar and live some amazing memories of the initial period of your wedding days.

Last updated : Jan 3,2013.


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