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Honeymoon in Matheran

Matheran is a small town on a hill top in the state of Maharashtra. The serene, green and unpolluted surroundings make it a great place for a laid back vacation. Honeymoon in Matheran can provide complete relaxation to the couples and a chance for them to enjoy each other’s company amongst the natural setting of this hilly town.

Location and How to Reach Matheran

Matheran is well known for being an eco-sensitive and no-vehicle zone. Situated about 100 km from the busy city of Mumbai, the quiet town of Matheran attracts tourists for weekend getaways. To reach Matheran, foreign travelers can take a flight to Mumbai (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport). Domestic travelers have the option of flying or taking a train to Mumbai. There is a toy train that links Mumbai to Neral, which is the nearest railhead to Matheran. Regular taxi service from Neral takes travelers to Dasturi (Naka) Car Park, about 3 km from Matheran. From Dasturi Car Park you can ride on horses or men pulled rickshaws to finally reach Matheran. The whole journey, which may take almost 3 hours from Mumbai to Matheran, enchants the travelers with scenic views of the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, dense forests and gushing streams.

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Best time for Honeymoon in Matheran

Matheran has pleasant weather throughout the year, except during the monsoon season, between July and September. During the rainy months the roads are muddy owing to the fact that the roads in Matheran are loose (‘kuccha’) and not sealed. The best time to visit Matheran between October and May.

Matheran is preferred by honeymooners because …

Its tranquility, unpolluted atmosphere and colonial appeal, offers a relaxed stay, quite unlike the humdrum of nearby Mumbai. Honeymoon couples find the panoramic views and romantic seclusion a perfect combination for their first vacation together.

Things to do on your Honeymoon in Matheran

Matheran provides travelers with a unique honeymoon that is set in the age where there were no cars and motorbikes. The old world feel of the town with its hand pulled carriages and horses as modes of transport can be fun and exciting for the city dwellers. Honeymooners can enjoy walks across the forested areas, ride on horses and trek on the top of hills to reach different view-points. These view-points facilitate tourists to experience the rising and setting of the sun in the best way possible. There are about 38 such view-points in Matheran, the popular ones being the Panorama Point, Rambagh Point, Charlotte Lake Point, One Tree Hill Point, Porcupine Point, Louise Point and Monkey Point.

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When to do Bookings for Honeymoon in Matheran

Honeymoon couples are advised to book their honeymoon in Matheran during the weekdays as weekends and holidays like Diwali and Christmas has large crowds of people coming from the adjoining cities. You should also consider avoiding the peak seasons of December to January and April to June (winter and summer school holidays for kids). If you cannot avoid these, make sure to make your bookings at least 4 months prior to departure.

What to Carry on your Honeymoon in Matheran

Warm sweaters and shawls during winter and umbrellas and gumboots during the monsoon season are the basic essentials for your honeymoon in Matheran. In addition, you must take proper shoes for trekking and walking in this hilly green town. An extra pair will help you be tension free. If you have a pair of binoculars, it can be good idea to take them with you to view the surrounding areas from the hill top view-points.

Budget for Honeymoon in Matheran

The minimum budget for a honeymoon in Matheran is about Rs. 5000 which includes hotel stay and food for two days and three nights. For a luxury stay you can find good honeymoon packages in Matheran for about Rs. 15,000 approximately for the same time period. Most hotels in Matheran provide good deals during weekday stays and off seasons. You can avail attractive offers during this time. Another benefit of spending your honeymoon in Matheran during the off time is that the hotel staff provides attentive service.

Honeymoon Hotels in Matheran

The best honeymoon hotels in Matheran are those away from the market place and closer to the view-points. Here are the popular ones for a luxury and memorable honeymoon:

Last updated : January 20, 2016