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Offbeat Honeymoon Destination in Western India

Blessed with an incredible spectacle of nature, honeymoon destinations in Western India are one of the most scintillating escapades for newlyweds looking for a romantic, adventurous or offbeat honeymoon vacations. Captivating beauty of Arabian Ocean, Western Ghats, Kutch and Konkan together creates a natural panorama that is too hard to resist for the couples looking for serenity, peace and romance.

Being home to some of India’s best honeymoon destinations like Goa, Lonavala, Matheran and Mahabaleshwar; western region of India is one of the most frequented honeymoon regions. But the list of honeymoon headways does not limit in there, as there is a different group of honeymooners looking for offbeat getaways. This group of honeymooners prefers solitude, getting far from the hustling tourist crowds to such ecstatic honeymoon spots offering incredible adventure and excitement.

Confused what this offbeat honeymoon destination means? Well the idea is to go a little off-track from the most common tradition of heading to popular, recommended honeymoon places. Couples now-a-days prefer to carve out their own honeymoon tales, in a little unknown/lesser know places; exploring the riches of quaint places whose beauties have been overshadowed by the popular commercialized destinations. Enriched with the riches of Mother Nature and studded with the gems of old civilizations, these destinations offer limitless options to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon where you can plan your own adventurous/romantic stories, where you have lots of bliss around and an unwinding environment to blossom your new love life. These offbeat destinations not only help you enjoy the company of your beloved, but are also a lot cheaper on the pocket. Such vacation plans offer you numerous cheap honeymooning ideas that are equally romantic and relaxing as are the honeymoons at any top honeymoon spots.

And in this regard Western region of Indian is an ideal honeymooning hub, offering one after another incredible option for offbeat honeymoon destinations in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Daman & Diu, and southern Rajasthan.

Standing witness to the glories of Maharajas, Rajputs, Guptas, Marathas, Sultans, Mughals and great warriors like Shivaji, western region of India is enriched with the glimpses and heritage of the glorious past. Along with historical riches, there are also many pilgrimage gems dispersed all around the region, which attracts many pilgrim tourists each year in different seasons.

An inimitable diversity of flora, fauna and birds adore the region with an enchanting and attractive lust, which attracts nature lovers from all across the world to come and explore the various regions of western ghat and its surroundings. Western Ghats is also known for some of the most spectacular waterfalls along with many quaint hill stations, mountain passes and valleys.

And then there is the panorama of Konkan and Arabian Ocean which is equally spellbinding as winsome is the beauty of Western Ghats. Desert romance of Kutch is no less exciting and adventurous.

Well combining the beauties and delightment of nature, history, culture, religion, heritage and adventure, Western India really is a lovable retreat for honeymooners and couples looking for an offbeat vacation. The best places to explore for an offbeat honeymoon vacation in the western region of India are:

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Last updated : January 28, 2016