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Honeymoon in Sariska

Cuddling in the pristinely lap of Aravali range, lies the tranquilizing beauty of Sariska. Enriched with certain rare to Rajasthan riches- of greenery, forests and lakes; and other typical Rajasthani heritage and rugged Aravali hills; Sariska is an enticing tourist attraction near Jaipur. Over years the city has been core of wildlife activities, in ancient era as a hunting zone and now for wildlife safari and sightseeing. Stretched over a lofty 800 sq. ft. territory, Sariska National Park possesses a hot wildlife that lures nature and wildlife lovers from around the world. Sariska as is known for its natural beauty, so it known for its heritage and cultural vibrancy as well. Cheap on pocket, Sariska is the gateway to one of the most romantic honeymoon vacation.

Honeymoon Attractions in Sariska

Pondering about your honeymoon tour plan at Sariska? Worry no more! Here is a list of fun elements, both visitable places and doable activities that you can include on your trip plan for your honeymoon celebration. Here are the best places to visit in Sariska:

Honeymoon in Sariska

Well, these are the places that you would visit, but exactly what will be your trip plan? Name of Sariska is synonymous to the famous National Tiger Reserve the city of Sariska conserves. Thus, the obvious and best start to you honeymoon trip has to be with an exciting jungle safari to the tiger reserve and national park areas. Go explore the wild trails and delight yourself with wildlife spotting and bird watching. Get around the city and nearby areas and explore the local heritage, the ruins and conservatories of bygone areas. You can also visit nearby places like Deeg, Alwar, Sawai Madhopur and Jaipur.

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Sariska

Best resorts and hotels to stay in and around Sariska, for your honeymoon include:

Best Time to Visit Sariska

Sariska is open for almost all seasons except during monsoon and so is in the breeding season, for both the safety of tourists and protection of wildlife. The best season to enjoy Sariska tour in between the months of November and March, while for those who can cope with summer heat, months of May and June are no less than jackpot for spotting animals coming out around the water-streams and other water sources.

How to Reach to Sariska

Air: Jaipur airport is the nearest from Sariska and very convenient as well.

Rail: Well linked railway terminal of Sawai Madhopur, connects Sariska with the whole country. You can easily get an express, fast or superfast train for Sawai Madhopur from any major city of the country like, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. And if there is no direct train in this direction from your city, don’t worry, you can then take a train to Jaipur and change to rail or road route further to reach Sariska.

Road: Sariska being a leading tourist attraction is well frequented by buses from various nearby cities like Alwar, Jaipur, etc.

What Things to Carry to Sariska

Going to Sariska National Tiger Reserve, remember not to wear any bright color that may attract or frighten away animals, try some camouflage colors, and please do not wear strong saints or make up. Things to bring with you would include:

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Rajasthan is an international tourist destination and you can easily find tourists roaming around throughout the year. And there is lot of rush during the peak seasons. So, if you are planning your honeymoon in Sariska, Rajasthan; you better get all your desired honeymoon related bookings done at least 1 month before your marriage or 1.5 months before your trip.

Last updated : January 21, 2016