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Honeymoon in Tamil Nadu

Honeymoon in Tamil Nadu means spending your most precious time period of life with the most important person in your life in a legendary state. The southern most state of India, Tamil Nadu, with its claim of second best tourism sector in the entire country welcomes a lot of honeymooners.

From the romantic atmosphere of a hill station and a beach to the thrill and excitement of a forest Wildlife Sanctuary, a honeymoon couple can enjoy various facets of Tamil Nadu and experience different elements of a married life. Since, you will not get a second chance for Honeymoon in Tamil Nadu, grab the first opportunity to enjoy it to the optimum.

Honeymoon Attraction

Honeymoon Attraction in Tamil Nadu

To spend a quality time with your partner and to develop an everlasting bond, you need a kind of place where you can explore a charming World together, with no other distraction from family or business contacts.

Tamil Nadu gives you some great options, to be in a place, where away from other Worldly activities you can just relish nature with each other's company. Not a single day will go waste on Honeymoon in Tamil Nadu, as there is lot to see and admire.

Soak up the sun on Beaches

The beaches of Tamil Nadu, especially that of the capital city Chennai, are the pride of the state. They draw the maximum number of tourists and are beautiful places where a honeymoon couple can have a memorable time. Some of the best of these are:

Serene Hill Stations

Serene Hill Stations

What could be a better option for a newly wed couple than enjoying each other's company in a delightful hill station, amidst gorgeous landscapes. Tamil Nadu has a bunch of these hill stations, which are hot spots for honeymooners.

Lakes and Waterfalls

Lakes and Waterfalls

Tamil Nadu is indeed a nature lover's delight with its splendid river bodies and falls, and hence also providing honeymoon couples with some brilliant spots to spend some quality time together, in the middle of nature


The Wildlife Treat

For an exciting wildlife rendezvous with Tamil Nadu, you must have a visit to the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of the state, best of these are:


For honeymoon couples, a lot of adventure tourism has been promoted, for example, in the Wildlife Sanctuaries, a safari has been organized, where with full information you will be having all the fun of a wildlife, from a safe distance. Beach Volley ball, boat rides, angling, cruising and trekking are some other adventure sports or activities you can take part in and have a thrilling honeymoon.


Tamil Nadu has a range of ethnic and traditional items, that one can buy on a trip, and keeping the memories intact through the shopping. Some of the essential shopping items are:

Have an acute look into the itinerary and various options that the place is offering you and make your plans accordingly, but be ready to have an enchanting honeymoon in Tamil Nadu.
Last updated : January 15, 2016