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Honeymoon in Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

If you want the reminiscences of your honeymoon to stay alive forever etch a few lines about your post wedding trip on any of the more than 700 rock shelters in Bhimbetka. You have the golden opportunity of making your honeymoon in Bhimbetka a nostalgic event that can be engraved for the sake of posterity. The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters provide a wealth of information about the earliest human settlement in the Indian civilization.


It is one of the most strategic archaeological sites in the world whose history can be traced back to the Palaeolithic Age. There are about 400 rock paintings and engravings inside the rock caves. Radiocarbon dating has established that these paintings were done by the Homo erectus man that inhabited the area over 1,00,000 years ago. The rock shelters have been named after Bheema-one of the Pandava brothers.

Folklore has it that Bhimbetka used to be the resting place of Bheema. Get a chance to see Mother Nature in all its splendor. You are sure to treasure every second of your moment spent at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters for as long as you live. You’ll feel like getting lost in the dense foliage that surrounds the rock shelters.

You’ll travel back in time when you gaze at the engravings of animal fights, disguises, tigers, rhinoceros, peacocks, bisons, antelopes, elephant riders, and different types of masks done with wood charcoal, manganese, and hematite. You’ll be filled with awe and wonder when you gaze at the paintings of childbirth, burials, religious and ceremonial revelry. There are many sightseeing attractions and tourist spots in the vicinity of the Bhimbetka caves that you should do a recce of to make your honeymoon come full circle.


The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters lie at the Southern periphery of Vindhyachal Hills and situated about 45 kms south of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The rock shelters falls under the Raisen constituency of Madhya Pradesh. The Satpura hill ranges lie to the south of the rock shelters.

Getting There

If you intend to travel by train you’d need to get down at Bhopal rail-station which is situated at a distance of about 42 kms from Bhimbetka. Bhopal is connected with all the major towns and cities of India by rail. Or you can take a flight to Bhopal from Delhi, Gwalior, Mumbai, and Indore and many other cities. There are also international connecting flights to Raja Bhoj Airport (Bhopal) from Dubai and Sharjah. Luxury bus services to Bhopal are also available from New Delhi.

Perfect Time to Visit

Summers are extremely hot with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees centigrade. It rains heavily during the monsoons that last from June to September. However, winters are mild and sunny with minimum temperatures sometimes dropping to 8 degrees centigrade at nights. The best time to visit Bhimbetka is between October and March when you can really enjoy the sights and sceneries and the trips.

Accomodation In and Around Bhimbetka

You’ll find 2-star, 3-star, 4-star and 5-star accommodations in and around Bhimbetka. Since Bhopal is located close by, you can also consider putting up at a hotel or resort in the city. Two resorts recommended for honeymooners are the ‘Highway Treat’ and the ‘Ratapani Range Retreat’.

Activities and Attractions

The Khajuraho temples should be a must see on your honeymoon itinerary. You’ll get a lot of inspiration as far as your conjugal life is concerned when you gaze at the erotic sculptures on the walls around the temple. You’ll be mesmerized by the striking poses and compromising positions of the figures and figurines.

Visit the Sanchi Stupa-an imposing structure dedicated to Lord Buddha, the State Museum, the Bhopal Taj Mahal, Rani Kamlapati Palace, and the Udayagiri caves, the Regional Museum of Natural History, Sheetal Das Ki Bagiya, the Shahpura Lake and the Sadar Manzil for the immaculate honeymoon experience. Tour the cities of Indore and Ujjain for their temples, palaces, gardens, waterfalls, lakes, and archaeological sites. You be absolutely thrilled to take a trek or hike on the paths or routes leading to the rock shelters and caves.


Shop for curios, artefacts, handcrafted goods, amulets and other items worth taking back home after your trip is over.

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