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Honeymoon in Uttar Pradesh

Honeymoons are meant to be exotic, to be exquisite, to be exceptional, to be elite and to be erotic. Exhausted from the marriage ceremonies, looking for solitude newlyweds seek a tranquil location studded with natural splendors, where they can unwind themselves and get that perfect mood of romance and closeness. For some mesmeric beaches and backwaters define honeymoon, while for the others enchanting hill ranges with maverick winds and clouds is the incarnation of a perfect honeymoon vacation. There are many others who are attracted by the religious tourist spots or historical destinations or even wildlife sanctuaries. Well! So diverse are the choice for dream honeymoon destinations, but the definition remains the same - Honeymoon, a post-marriage vacation for newlyweds, where in a foreign land and in solitude, they get a chance to know their life partners, their likes-dislikes, hobbies, habits, etc. Thus, honeymoons are meant to fall in love to celebrate love. Such special being the dreams and sentiments associated with honeymoon, so special and serene has to be the destination you choose.

Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of India is enriched with many such scenic and tranquil destinations that newlyweds love to go to. From placidity and exhilarating of water streams to elegance and loftiness of hills to spirituality and peace of religious shrines to tales and fables of royal and divine romance; Uttar Pradesh has it all that a newlyweds aspires and wishes for. Enriched with essence of Lord Krishna's divine love tales, epitomic devotion of love of Shah Jahan for his wife, etc.; state of Uttar Pradesh is a lover's land.

Honeymoon in Uttar Pradesh

Top Reasons to go to Uttar Pradesh for Honeymoon

Uttar Pradesh not only secures the largest land area of India, but also beholds a significant share of the essence of Indian culture, history, heritage and romance. And if you still doubt the appeal and exoticism of state for honeymooners, following are top rated reasons that strongly advocate Uttar Pradesh as a honeymooning headway:

Various Honeymoon Attractions of Uttar Pradesh

Studded with an array of geographic landscapes, which varies from the Himalayan foothills to gushing river Ganga to dense forests to booming cities to peaceful temples, etc.; Uttar Pradesh offers a winsome honeymoon package for newlyweds who seek for celebration of love in India. Have a look below at the various honeymooning appeals and the best honeymooning destinations of Uttar Pradesh.

Scintillating Hill Stations of Uttar Pradesh

High rising mountains, lush greenery, cool breeze, vision-blurring mist and roaming-around clouds; well define a honeymooner's paradise. The historical and cultural state of Uttar Pradesh even after the split of Uttarakhand has mesmerizing hill ranges to woo honeymooners. Hill stations of Uttar Pradesh are:

Exhilarating Destinations of Uttar Pradesh

Thrilling and exciting destinations of Uttar Pradesh are:

Romantic Escapades of Uttar Pradesh

Filled with the essence of romance and enriched with blissful views all around to delight the eyes; Uttar Pradesh is home to some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations of India. These destinations are a couples' dream and a honeymooners' delight. Best honeymoon destinations of Uttar Pradesh are:

Religious Gateways of Uttar Pradesh

Streams of rivers Ganga and Yamuna flowing down from Himalayan foothills enter the plains of Uttar Pradesh, purging the land and sin of its inhabitants. Tabulating streams brings life, sanctity and blessing of the Almighty to the masses. Various holy shrines and temples have been established around the bank of river Ganga. And why only Ganga, Uttar Pradesh is equally blessed with the streams of river Yamuna and its banks have witnessed the pageants of Lord Krishna. Apart from the river cities, there are also serene temples cities adoring the land of Uttar Pradesh. Leading pilgrim centre of Uttar Pradesh are: Honeymoon in Uttar Pradesh

Buddhist Circuit of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh holds a very significant importance for the Buddhists from all over the world, as it homes four pious Buddhist pilgrimage spots, and they are:

Historical Destinations of Uttar Pradesh

Land of Uttar Pradesh has a very glorious history to boast of. Ruled by various rulers, having seen many dynasties, wars, gallantries and royal romance; Uttar Pradesh is the gateway to India's one of major historical treasures. Must to explore historical gateways of Uttar Pradesh are:

Cultural Tourist Destinations of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh savors an inimitable blend of various cultures belonging to different religions, cults, dynasties, reigns and eras. On a tour to Uttar Pradesh, you will get a forgettable tour to these diverse cultural gullies, each taken care of and retained over many centuries. Cultural destinations of Uttar Pradesh are:

Most Sought After Honeymoon Destinations of Uttar Pradesh

Out of the many and different honeymooning appeals, some are prominently in high demand. Counted amongst the best honeymoon destinations of India, these most travelled ones are:

Cosmopolitan Honeymoon Spots of Uttar Pradesh

Last but not the least there are exclusive cosmopolitan honeymoon destinations also in Uttar Pradesh, which defines the best honeymoon ideas for those who love to pamper themselves in exotic luxuries of the 5-star hotels. And these destinations are: At the end, also have a look at some of the unexplored destinations that lovers would love to escape to, include:

Shopping in Uttar Pradesh

Cities and streets around here offer you an exotic shopping fiesta, both in malls and on road side. Must to shop at Uttar Pradesh are:
Last updated : January 21, 2016