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Honeymoon in Lucknow

City of Nawabs, mouth-watering Biryanis, delicious Paans and beautiful Chikankaris, Lucknow is a fascinating honeymoon destination in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Capital city of the largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh; Lucknow is one of the most appeasing cheap honeymoon destinations in India. From historical fame of the city to the lovely ambience to its beautiful art & culture and delicious cuisines; they all pull newlyweds to head this way for an exquisite Nawabi honeymoon trip.

Honeymoon Attractions
in Lucknow

City of Lucknow is a well known name to the Indian tourists and those coming from across borders and seas for a tour of India. Lucknow is an epitome of Honeymoon in Lucknow the opulent history of the various dynasties and their rulers, and an apostle of the rich cultural heritage inherited over years. Delicacy, soberness and humility are like imbibed in the air and soil of the city, beauty defines the soul of this city. So being the nature and ambience of the city, what can be a better place for planning a honeymoon vacation, then?

From tranquil to historic to modern; Lucknow offers a wide and appealing range of honeymoon deals, the best from amongst which you need to choose. Plan a honeymoon trip to Lucknow, visit around the scenic places and enjoy the delighting company of your beloved. Primary tourist places to visit around with in the city of Lucknow are:

There are also plenty of happening places for the newlyweds to go to for a high energy honeymoon celebration and these places include the Clubs, Amusement Parks and Water Parks. Main festivals and celebrations that create and circulate a special zeal in the city are Vrindavan Festival, Lucknow Festival, Holi, Diwali, Eid, Dussehra, and Karva Chauth.

Delighting markets and streets of the city of Lucknow, where you must drag your hubbies or husbands must get their wives a tour of, are:

Other good honeymoon spots to cover around include:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Lucknow

Best honeymoon hotels and resorts of Nawabi city Lucknow are:

Best Time to Visit to Lucknow

Lucknow is visitable throughout the year. Though, the subtropical climate of Lucknow is most welcoming for the tourists during cool winter months, from October to March. Dryness of air and cool breeze together are very pampering for travelers during winter, which facilitates sightseeing and other tourist activities. Summer and monsoon are both a bit uncomfortable due to heat and humidity.

How to Reach to Lucknow

Air: Holding the position of state capital, Lucknow city has its own domestic airport, which is well linked by flights taking off from Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, etc.

Rail: Lucknow Railway station is a major stoppage and destination in the Northern zone of Indian railways. You can easily get a fast or superfast train for Charbagh railway station of Lucknow, from almost every part of the country.Â

Road: You can easily catch a bus for Lucknow, both luxury tourist buses and interstate buses, from all major cities like Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad, etc.

What Things to Carry to Lucknow

Pick and pack clothes of your choice, but avoid carrying nay thing obscene or revealing or objectionable, as Lucknow is a cultural city. Do not forget to carry woolens if you are travelling there in winter. Take some extra batteries and all important equipment/accessories of your camera. Do pack all important medicines, sunglasses, styling accessories/kit, skin care products and cosmetics with you. Do not forget to take your mobile and camera’s covers and your shoes must be comfortable for long hours.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

Getting an advance booking of at least 1-1.5 months done before your honeymoon trip, will help you have the dream honeymoon you aspire for.
Last updated : January 21, 2016