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Honeymoon in Valley of Flowers

Sited atop an onerous height of 3.6km above sea level, nestled in the serene Nanada Devi National Park, crowned with the elegance of Zanskar range of Himalaya, with silvery shiny glaciers around and studded with an enchanting green thickets and colorful flowers; Valley of Flowers is nothing less than a nature lover’s retreat and a honeymooner’s paradise. Stretched over an area of 85 kms the valley is home to around 650 species of flowers and plants. These flowers include Bhoj Patra jungles, several medicinal herbs and rare species like Ladies Sleeper Orchid, Blue Poppy, Braham Kamal, etc. Valley also finds a link with Hindu mythology, as it is said to be the spot from where Hanuman found sanjivani buti on Himalaya.

It is indeed one of the best places to witness ‘nature at its best’, a must to see panorama before you die.

Honeymoon Attractions in Valley of Flowers

Though it is just a trek trip of around 2-3 days, yet it is one of the best places to go for honeymoon not only in India, but it stands amongst world’s best honeymoon spots. ‘Succulent serendipity of a hidden fairy land invites you to discover the tranquilizing flower bed of Himalaya’; phrases like this defines the scintillating panorama of the Valley of Flowers. Surrounded by snow capped majestic Himalayan ranges from all sides and miles of colorful carpet of flowers outstretched before your eyes will not only wet your eyes but your soul will be moved in this paradise as wells.

Best spots and places to go to and see in and around Valley of Flowers are:

Other nearby places to take a visit to are:

Honeymoon Hotels to Stay in Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers is a world heritage site where any form of commercial activity or tampering to the natural inhabitation is not permitted. So there are no hotels to stay in here, you can only camp there during nights. For a full honeymoon stay around here you will have to pick hotels in the nearby areas like in Ghangaria or Govind Ghat. Best hotels to stay in, advised for the honeymooners are:

Best Time to Visit to Valley of Flowers

Nestled in the Valley of Flowers is covered in thick sheets of snow for most part of the year. The valley is accessible only post summer and the best time to visit the area is in the months of mid-July to September.

How to Reach to Valley of Flowers

City of Dehradun is in close vicinity to the town of Dhanaulti, and thus is all modes’ transportation gateway to Dhanaulti. Air: Dehradun airport makes way forth to the Valley of Flowers for the airways’ travelers.

Rail: Ramnagar railway station lies in the closest vicinity of the park area while Dehradun, Rishikesh and Haridwar are three closest big railway stations from the Valley of Flowers, out of which Rishikesh is the closest to the park

Road: Town of Joshimath acts as the roadway getaway to the Valley of Flowers. You can easily get a public transport or hired cabs to travel upto Joshimath from where onwards you can trek to the park.

What Things to Carry to Dhanaulti

Things to carry to the Valley of Flowers are:
Try to keep your body and bag as light as possible, so pick clothes, woolens, food, bag, etc. as light as possible and preferably waterproof; otherwise it will become troublesome for you to carry all that weight while trekking.

Before How Many Days the Booking Must be Done

With the advent of infrastructures and increase in tour operators, it has become very easy to get a trip arranged even 1 month before your picked time, but to have everything well planned and executed on your honeymoon, you must make the needful bookings done at least 1.5-2 months before your marriage; just the way you do all other marriage preparations.
Last updated : January 19, 2016