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Honeymoon Places in West Bengal

Mention of the West Bengal is synonymous with the dhol beats and chanting of mantras, the exhilarating celebration of Dusshera; with the misti daohi, rasogulla and sondesh; with the thrill of royal Bengal tigers; with the enchanting serenity of the tea estates of Darjeeling; fishes, wildlife, music, dance, and what not. Read it as a political state in G.K./Geography or heard in the reality show auditions or known for fish recipes or political issues of Left Front /Trinamool Congress; name of the state of West Bengal is known to one and all, from children to old.

Since hundreds of centuries the region has been centre of trade and prosperity, so it is today also. Frequented for many reasons, cheap marriage shopping, business, tourism, family functions, college trips, studies and job; the state is indeed one of the most promising lands for newlyweds to head to for a pleasant and fun packed honeymoon. Fun Packed? Yes! Relishing on the mouth watering cuisines, enjoying the lively ambience of music, rich cultural displays, opulent palaces and monuments and trolling in the quaint hill stations; you would love to romance in the unwinding land of West Bengal.

Was it the contributions of the famous writers and poets or the exhilaration of music or vintage culture or natural serenity or something else; it is very difficult to root out the reason, but the land is bestowed with an incredible magic quotient of pleasantness, love and joy. There is a long list of honeymoon destinations, appealing honeymoon packages and scintillating ideas around in West Bengal. Read below and know the details.

5 Reasons to go to West Bengal for Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon Attractions of West Bengal

Endowed with the natural riches of hills, valleys, forests, plains, sea beaches, lakes, river and waterfalls; West Bengal suggests one of the most enticing natural escapade. The historical and cultural inheritance of the state from Kings to Sultans to Britishers adds much more elements of mysticism and charm for the honeymooners to head this way. As diverse the destinations are from each other, so enchanting if the appeal of each. The romantic hill station of Darjeeling and thrilling jungles of Sunderban are popular across the globe, which irrefutably established the charm and efficacy.

To know the best of honeymoon places and honeymoon ideas in west Bengal, read below:

Historical Gateways of West Bengal

Historical journey of West Bengal starts with its mentions in Mahabharata as ‘Vanga’. Ruled by Mauryans, Guptas and Palas; West Bengal later went under the hands of Sultans of Delhi and other Muslim rulers like Sher Shah Suri. Used by British, French, Portuguese, etc. colonies; the region was always under been core of activities and thus, was one of the most developed cities of India, from the very beginning. From majestic temples to grand palaces and monuments, there is a long list of historical riches in the state to visit to. From the various places, follow are the best places to go to taste the heritage vintage of West Bengal:

Some other destinations are Alipore, Cooch-Behar, Purulia, Balurghat, Bankura, etc.

Hill Stations of West Bengal

In the serene succulence of Himalayan foothills resides the spellbinding beauty of West Bengal’s scenic hill stations. Leading hill stations of the state of West Bengal includes:

Other quaint hill stations of the state are Chalsa, Murti, Bindu and Gorubathan.

Religious Destinations to visit in West Bengal

The religious and spiritual inheritance of West Bengal is also not new to the world. Names of Swami Ramakrishna Param Hans and Vivekanad (as scholar) are known to the whole world. A visit to West Bengal seems quite incomplete without visiting the Kali Mandir and Belur Math in Kolkata. The most famous religious shrines and the cities that offer an enriching experience to the visit of West Bengal are:

Other pilgrims are Bishnupur, Mindapore, Gangasagar, Tarakeshwar, Navadwip, Kamarpukur, Jairambati, Mayapur and Krishnanagar.

Sea Beaches in West Bengal

Situated by the Bay of Bengal, coastal line of the state has some very beautiful beaches to visit for honeymoons. Beautiful, yet quiet unexplored beaches of West Bengal are:

Wildlife in West Bengal

Exoticness of the state’s wildlife is world famous, especially under the fame of royal Bengal tigers. The hot biodiversity of state’s national parks attract nature and wildlife lovers from all over India and from across the world. Most sought after wildlife sanctuaries of the state of West Bengal are:

While the lesser known jungles for an adventurer to explore are Gorumara, Lataguri, Monpong, Dinajpur, Rakabhatkawa, etc.

Waterfalls and Waterfronts of West Bengal

Channeled by rivers and lined by the Bay of Bengal, state of West Bengal is studded with heart stealing waterfronts and waterfalls, where honeymooner s would love to head for a romantic escapade. Best water bound areas to go to are:

Most Popular Destinations of West Bengal

Amongst all the natural and cultural riches of the state, following are the gem of West Bengal tourism, the hottest honeymoon destinations of the state:

Best Time to Visit West Bengal

Located by the coastal region, West Bengal is never too hot, but experiences very humid summer and monsoon around the coastal line, while the northern highlands are drier. The time to visit West Bengal is between the cool and pleasant months of October to March. This is also the time of grand festivals and celebrations in the region.

If you want to enjoy the best of West Bengal, visit the state during Septmer last-October for Dassehra.

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