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Honeymoon Places in West India

Honeymoon in West India comprises of an entertaining and enjoyable time in one of the most economically developed regions of India. This region experiences fine weather conditions with bearable summers, pleasant winters and pouring rainy season making it a perfect destination for honeymoon. Bask under the sunshine in the beaches of Goa, traverse through the serene locales of Daman and Diu, enjoy the colonial heritage of Maharashtra or study the temples of Gujarat on Honeymoon in Maharashtra.

Whether you want to get a ravishing suntan, indulge in all sorts of water spots, spend some time in tranquility, visit the cool hill resorts or seek the blessing at the numerous religious places, Honeymoon in West India offers you all this and much. Such a wide diversity in the region results in diverse dressing styles, customs and eating habits. Get draped in regional dresses, learn about the local customs and try out new and exotic cuisines on Honeymoon in West India.

Honeymoon in West India Explore the beaches, try out all the thrilling water sports, study the heritage churches and learn more about the temples in Goa on Honeymoon in West India. Isolated beaches, Indo-European churches and several mosques and churches will keep you company on Honeymoon in West India. explore the hill resorts of Mahabaleshwar, Panchagani, Lonavala and Khandala on Honeymoon in West India. Industrial towns, busy seaports, clear beaches, ancient temples and tribal regions are there to see on Honeymoon in West India.

Why Honeymoon in West India

West India offers an impeccable opportunity to make an exclusive honeymoon plan full of romance, excitement and thrill. Honeymooning in West, you can either plan a beach honeymoon or visit hill stations or pick an adventurous trip or get close to the rich heritage of Marathas/Portuguese or take an exclusive sea travel or make a combination of any of these.
Lush greenery, serene natural beauty and drizzling rainfalls together as if paints the region in perfect honeymoon shades. Moderate weather conditions throughout the year make West India an all season location where winters too are quite endurable. Western Ghats and Konkan beaches are a thriving love abode for the lovebirds and the honeymooners. From the spiritual delight to the ultimate coziness of luxury to the thrill of adventure to the seductive charm of love to the spell binding views; western land of India is an incredible blend of diversity. At every few steps you find diversity in cultures, lifestyles and landscape.

One major advantage with West India is that there are ample options for economic accommodation and trip packages. So no worry for the budget, but then it’s your honeymoon and it’s once in a life so you can get a bit spendthrift.

Usually the honeymoon destinations in West India are categorized state wise, owing to the unique landscape and culture of each state. And that is indeed true though sharing border and cuisines, each state of West has a distinct history, culture, heritage, religion, etc. and thus they appeal differently. The honeymoon destinations of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Union Territories of West have been segregated in below categories:

Hill Stations of West India

Hill Stations of West India Chirp a little like forest love birds in the romantic woods of Western Ghats. Make your pick from the following leading honeymoon hill stations of West India:
Romantic Beaches in West India

Romantic Beaches in West India

The very mention of a beach vacation fills your heart with lots of excitements and bliss. And to plan a honeymoon vacation on beach, nothing in the world can be more romantic than that. Western India is blessed with an exotic line of beaches. Gift your beloved the best romantic beach honeymoon in West India. Pick your beach destination from the following:

Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations in West India

Adventurous Destinations If you love sports and adventure and think that fun is what will make your honeymoon the most special, then adventurous honeymoon destinations in West India will serve you right. Choose an adventure delight form the following list of exciting honeymoon destinations of West India:

Unique Honeymooning Ideas for West India

If you are looking for the most special honeymoon experience and celebrate the new chapter of your life in a unique way then here are the best offbeat honeymoon ideas: Happy Honeymoon!

Honeymoon in West India

Last updated : January 30, 2016