03 tourist sites to visit in Benin

Benin is a country which has many tourist attractions. The biggest advantage for tourists in this republic is that they can enjoy a variety of offers such as cultural tourism, religious tourism, crafts, etc. We are going to highlight some of the famous tourist sites in Benin.

The Royal Palaces of Abomey

Abomey is the Danxomè kingdom's historical capital. This city is located 135 km from the economic capital (Cotonou). Known under the French name of Abomey, this kingdom was founded by King Houégbadja. After him, 12 different kings succeeded each other at the head of this powerful kingdom of Danxomè. A stopover in this city allows you to discover the palace of King Behanzin, the one who fiercely fought against the French colonization. You can appreciate the endogenous royalty and learn more about the treatment of kings, princes, and princesses of the kingdom.

Ouidah Historical Museum

Ouidah was the place of transit for African slaves. Its museum traces the history of slavery and consists of 11 rooms. These exhibit the collections and different objects that were acquired in 1967. Specifically, the museum houses objects related to the kingdom of Xwéda, the kingdom of Dahomey, the old fort as well as objects related to the slave trade and their repatriation.

Pendjari National Park

Pendjari Park is a site located in north of Benin. It’s far from Park W. It alone covers 480,000 hectares. Since 1986, this park has been distinguished as a biosphere reserve, because it hosts an especially rich ecosystem. It offers all tourists an abundance of wildlife and extremely breathtaking landscapes.

Moreover, this is what makes it a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. Besides the beauty of nature, you have the chance to see elephants and lions in the same place. It is a park that deserves to be discovered. It offers you an adventure off the beaten track.